Big Sur, California, is defined by numerous different natural features right at the edge of the American continent, with mountains plunging right into the sea. Tourists from all around the world visit. They take photographs and always love the views. You can so easily enjoy incredible deals to this part of California, as seen in the Capital Resorts Group reviews, but why should you visit? Here are some of the best things that you will surely enjoy in Big Sur.

Highway One

Highway One goes through incredible scenic parks and gives you the possibility to see some exquisite engineering marvels. However, if you just go through Big Sur and there is some flexibility, you should consider driving from the south to the north. Skies are always clearer but if you have problems with motion-sickness, you may want to avoid it since the heights are quite huge.

Point Sur Lighthouse

The lighthouse is just to the north of Big Sur and it has a truly interesting history. You find it sitting on a rock of 361 feet. It was built in the year 1889. Nowadays, the lighthouse is the only one from the twentieth century that is still available for people to visit. Walking tours are available and led by volunteers during weekends and Wednesdays.

Pfeiffer Beach

It is so easy to simply drive past the road that takes you to Pfeiffer Beach but we recommend that you do not do this. The beach is incredible and very popular among tourists. However, just some tourists visit. The sunset views are wonderful but this is a beach that is famous because of the purple sand that is created from specific manganese garnet particles. You are not going to find a more interesting natural attraction in Ben Sur.

Nepenthe Views

There are not many lunch views that are better than what you get at Nepenthe. It is placed right on the coast, being a restaurant that is long-running. Guests were delighted for so many years now, offering incredible coastline views. You can reach the restaurant from Carmel, after just a half an hour drive. Remember that reservations are not available so you want to properly plan the day.

Scenic Spas

All the views and activities you can enjoy in Big Sur are great but you can always take relaxation further with one of the wonderful spas available right now. Those at Post Ranch Inn and Ventana Inn are great. If you can spend a weekend in the area, consider the Esalen Institute. If your goal is to relax in a natural setting, go to Esalen Hot Springs.

Henry Miller Library

Henry Miller’ home became a very popular local arts center. It was built by Emil White, the writer’s best friend, during the sixties. Henry Miller Memorial Library is nowadays a resource center for writers, students, musicians and artists. You can visit every single day of the year but if you can make a choice, be sure that you consider visits during one of the days when an event takes place.