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wwtk jonas peterson What Would They Know? Jonas Peterson

Unless you’ve been living below a blog rock, probabilities are you’ve heard of our guest nowadays. It was really early in 2009 that I received an e-mail from a new Brisbane photographer. He’d only ever shot two weddings (the initial of which I featured in a Snaphot Sunday in March). Geoff &amp Cait getting his second.

Given that these initial two weddings, photographer Jonas Peterson has been swept up in a whirlwind – one particular that has led him to be shooting more than forty weddings all over the planet this year.  His immense talent, combined with the rawness of entering into this planet of photography has led him to be a well identified name internationally. I have been totally amazed by his journey and his development that I have been lucky enough to witness, as not only a photographer but as a particular person understanding and finding their way in a brand new way of getting.

What was the catalyst for beginning Jonas Peterson Photography?

Life. My companion Jacqui and I had both worked in different roles in advertising for a lengthy time and felt the need to do some thing genuine. I was quite honestly fed up with coming up with inventive concepts for consumers who didn’t care about anything but making money. Jacqui saw my frustration and pushed me to concentrate on the issue that made me happy creatively – photography. Shooting weddings was in no way the program, as with several issues it just occurred. I was asked to shoot a wedding for close friends and I told them I would make a lousy wedding photographer. They told me to shut up and capture it my way, so I agreed. When I later posted the wedding on my newly set up website, items exploded in my face. I was totally blown away. All I did was capture a wedding my way and men and women went berserk. I assume I got about 70 comments on that wedding alone. At this time I was nevertheless working as a inventive in marketing, but soon right after we had to make a selection considering that were getting more and much more inquiries every day. We decided to concentrate totally on my photography and haven’t looked back given that.

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What is your organization philosophy?

I want to do a thing that makes me content. I also want to do some thing that makes other individuals pleased. Both are equally crucial.

Your internet site is stunning in its simplicity. And you also have an simple style of writing about oneself that captures the reader. How would you describe your photography style?

You have to keep in mind you’re talking to a seasoned ad man here. I’ve come up with much more cheesy descriptions and fake labels than most folks out there. I wanted my photography to be the absolute opposite of that. I wanted it to be pure. So I hope that is what it is.

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Does your photography style reflect the way you see life?

It’s taken me a although to recognize, but I shoot the way I do since that is how I see things. I cannot do it any differently. The factors I see are the items I capture. So yes, most certainly.

What do you enjoy about Australian brides?

Their easy and relaxed approach to life. It impacts every thing around a wedding and suits me perfectly.

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What do you look to for inspiration?

I try not to appear at wedding photography also significantly, but apart from that – anything at all about me. Literally. Music, Tv, books, design, food. Anything at all.

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Do you have a ‘feeling’ about every single bride you photograph and then program the photo shoot accordingly?

I scout places and check out the church and venue, but apart from that I do not program a issue. My approach is to not have an method. Every bride is entirely diverse and most of the time I’ve only met a bride after before I shoot their wedding day. There’s no way I know who they are following one particular meeting. Simply because of that I walk in with a sense of naivety. I slowly get to know them and let that manual me by way of the day. When it’s time to shoot portraits I know far more about who they genuinely are and that dictates how I capture them. I constantly adapt to them and by no means ever add bits of “me” to their pictures. I want the photographs to reflect who they are and not be a bunch of shots I want to take due to the fact they’d look awesome in my portfolio.

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A lot of your shots appear casual and relaxed. How do you encourage a bride and groom to feel relaxed about possessing their photo taken?

Given that I’m about all day individuals generally trust me. It’s that easy. I’m a fairly laid back guy myself and I try and not make a big deal of anything. The more relaxed I am, the far more they loosen up and that hopefully shows in the pictures we capture with each other.

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What sets you apart from other individuals?

I leave that contact to others. The straightforward answer is me. If I stay accurate to who I am and don’t attempt and be somebody I’m not, I will instantly be different from other individuals.

How do you preserve on understanding?

By staying curious and open to almost everything about me.

How do you maintain your product fresh and various?

By staying curious and open to almost everything around me.

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What is your number a single tip for brides?

It is your wedding day, so make it YOUR wedding. No thought is as well kooky, nothing as well individual. Do not do items a specific way simply because you have been told that is how you do them. Listen to your heart and let that dictate every thing your wedding is about.

What are your favourite wedding photography ideas?

The ones I haven’t observed however.

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Do you travel anyplace to do a shoot? Tell us about some of the much more memorable places you have been to do a wedding shoot.

This year I’m shooting weddings all more than Australia, but also in Asia, Europe and North America. I merely really like to travel. And the point is I truly adore the actual traveling also. Once you arrive someplace you’re static. Given that I’m Swedish, I have to mention the wedding I shot in Sweden final year. It was my very first time back in Sweden for a couple of years and my initial Swedish wedding. It was a long Swedish summer evening by a beautiful lake. To me it felt like becoming in a Swedish fairytale. You can locate the wedding right here.

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What is in the future for Jonas Peterson Photography?

To quote my three-year old son, Noah, “Lotsa, lotsa, lotsa enjoyable!”.

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Thank you for joining us nowadays Jonas and thank you for allowing us to be element of journey! You can find much more of Jonas Peterson’s work, thoughts and travels on his web site and weblog.

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