Wedding Feng Shui By Laura Lau And Theodora Lau

Wedding Feng Shui Wedding Feng Shui By Laura Lau And Theodora Lau

I’ve constantly been fascinated by Feng Shui given that my mother bought a book on it from these office book sales. I bear in mind pouring more than the book and spending ages figuring out the corners of our house and to this day I nevertheless cannot bring myself to give knives to anybody as a present!

So I was fascinated to obtain Wedding Feng Shui by Laura Lau and Theodora Lau in the mail for evaluation. Covering all elements of how your Chinese sign will have an effect on your wedding plans, the book kicks off with plenty of guidance on incorporating feng shui into your wedding. There’s plenty of advice on how  you may well incorporate feng shui into your wedding theme, your wedding location, even down to what troubles your bridal celebration could have and gifts that they’ll adore. The book  also covers a Chinese horoscope timeline which, if you’re wanting to incorporate conventional Chinese culture into your wedding  day can be incredibly beneficial with generalised timelines.

The most important part of the book for me, was the breaking up of each and every sign beginning off with seasons, flowers, colours and stone  and moving into the personality traits that each and every bride may have as that sign, giving tips as to how to mange the diverse wedding stresses each and every sign might react to and how to deal with vendors, family members, bridal parties and even each other.  The book also merges lunar and sun signs and how these have an effect on your relationship and your wedding plans.

The ‘tiger’ bride, for example, may have a show stopping gown and is fiercely loyal of the loves in her life. A passionate bride, she will celebrate her loves in the course of her wedding, and she hates acquiring bogged down in facts. The ‘horse’ bride,  will be drawn to a summer time wedding and have a gown with high drama and glamour. Her traits include a strength in following her instincts but she may have difficulty compromising and guests will get pleasure from a longer reception and maybe a shorter ceremony. Although the ‘rabbit’ bride  loves a gown of high high quality and might be known as the “harmonizer bride”. She loves to surround herself with lovely things  and will steer clear of conflict and rather seek out peaceful options.

The uninitiated to Chinese culture are not left in the dark, the  book starts with a handy ‘how to’ manual and not only is it effortless to find your sign, but the book also has recommended “lucky” wedding dates for the next two years. There’s even a glossary and set of worksheets so you can perform out the sign of each of your bridal celebration and be aware of specific traits that might occur in their behaviors.

Wedding Feng Shui by Laura Lau and Theodora Lau is a fun study for any individual interested in incorporating Chinese culture into their wedding day and an interesting appear at how Chinese horoscopes and signs result in people to react in diverse approaches throughout the organizing of a wedding – it’s a enjoyable title to pick up and discover!

Wedding Feng Shui by Laura Lau and Theodora Lau is available at any great book store or on the web.

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