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In 2009 the Australian magazine, Selection, ‘sought quotes from 60 reception venues, cakes makers, employ vehicle corporations, entertainments, florists and photographers in Sydney and Melbourne.’ Two ‘shadow shoppers’ had been assigned to the job. ‘One shopper asked for rates for her wedding and an additional for her 40th birthday. Both events had the identical number of guests and identical requirements in terms of vehicles, cakes, flowers, photographers, entertainment and venue.’ (Quotes from the Option website article ‘Here Comes The Bride: And Up Goes The Price’) The tv program that aired this ‘research’ even suggested that brides not tell the vendors that they wanted their services for a wedding!

So to get the other side of the story and add some balance from those in the wedding industry, we decided to interview a selection of vendors to give you the True story!

We asked some questions:

1) Do you charge much more for a wedding, and if so, why?

Two employ vehicle businesses responded by saying they perform on a set hourly fee, which a single mentioned he discounted as weddings are generally for a quantity of hours. They supply specialised solutions at no additional expense such as decorations and refreshments.

Paper goods vendors (invitations and so on) stressed that there is a planet of difference between a party invitation and a wedding invitation. A lot of brides now want a wedding invitation ‘package’ to send to guests, often with pricey embellishments. This consists of a minimum of 4 pieces but can be up to 10 pieces to design and print. Most perform on an hourly rate which includes consultation, design, investigation and presentation of the portfolio of the suite. Offered the emotional component of a wedding this can take a lot of hours. A birthday invitation on the other hand is frequently one particular web page or a easy card so takes a lot less time in consultation and style.

1 vendor mentioned that her prices had been the very same for other events and weddings and her costs had been on her website ‘and clear to all’.

A floral designer commented that ‘brides have a precise vision’ and usually want non standard products which are not ‘commercially available’. She went on to say that generally ‘corporate clients are happy with my inventory of containers and props and do not require additional time and labour spent to obtain the quantities needed to match the bride’s vision’.

An additional floral designer says that she does charge far more for wedding flowers simply because for a wedding she sources and utilizes only blooms that are sold by growers as ‘premium’ good quality stock, whereas a shop bouquet is made from ‘standard’ stock. Also wedding flowers can take hours to prepare and create, so there is a labour charge involved.

A single occasion designer custom quotes for each and every event and cost ‘is based on the quantity of hours invested’. Yet another vendor pointed out that ‘expectations of weddings are always extremely high and the specifics that go into them are many and they normally require far more substantial planning than one more event’.

Interestingly one particular vendor created the point that she ‘strictly limits the quantity of events we do each and every weekend, so when I commit to a wedding or party, I am also losing the potential revenue of other consumers that may be obtaining married on that weekend’. Don’t forget that their time includes sourcing, organizing and set up time in the vendor’s studio and on web site, as nicely as clean up time when the event ends, in some situations.

Check back this afternoon to see what else vendors had to say about the problem!

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