The Royal Wedding: The Details & Polka Dot Predictions

gal royal wedding kate william4 The Royal Wedding: The Facts & Polka Dot Predictions

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There is nothing that rather excites me like a wedding (stating the obvious, but it’s true!) So this week is finding me especially excited! Even though the buzz is so loud I can barely think, we’re midweek in our nod to the royal wedding !

The Details


– Kate and Prince William will marry at Westminster Abbey where the coverage will begin at 10am UK time (8pm Australian) on the 29th of April 2011.

– 1900 guests will be seated inside the Abbey

– Westminster Abbey’s 500 bells will start ringing half an hour before the ceremony is to begin. After the ceremony, for what will be 3 hours, the full peal of five,000 modifications will be rung.

– Prince William will arrive at the Abbey (in a Bentley with Prince Harry) 40 minutes before Kate’s arrival (at ten.15am) and will be waiting in a closed off church for his bride’s arrival.

– Kate’s sister Pippa, will act as her maid of honour although Prince Harry will join William at the alter as a single of his groomsmen.

– Kate is set to arrive at the church by Rolls Royce Phantom VI with her father just ahead of 11am when the marriage service will begin.

– The aisle of Westminster Abbey will be covered in red carpet. The grave of the Unknown Warrior in the Nave. Kate and her father will walk about this location.

– Kate Middleton’s loved ones and the couple’s pals will be seated in the Northern Lantern of the Abbey although the royal family members with be seated in the Southern Lantern.

– The ceremony will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

– Music in the course of the service will be offered by The Choir of Westminster Abbey, The Chapel Royal Choir,  The London Chamber Orchestra, The Fanfare Group from the Central Band of the Royal Air Force and The State Trumpeters of The Household Cavalry.

– Following the ceremony, Prince William and Kate will ride in a royal carriage (built in 1902) through the streets to Buckingham Palace.

– At 1.25pm the newlyweds and royal loved ones will seem on the balcony.

The Reception

– At Buckingham Palace, . Queen Elizabeth II will hold a lunchtime  reception for the couple and 650 official guests. Afterward Prince Charles, will host a private dinner and dancing for 300 close pals and loved ones. Kate Middleton’s loved ones will hold a celebration at the Goring Hotel for those not invited to the official afternoon buffet and will return to the palace for the evening celebrations.

– The wedding cake (classic fruit) will be created by Fiona Cairns and will be multi tiered and iced with classic British foliage. Kate and William have also ordered a chocolate biscuit cake from McVitie’s Cake Firm. The wedding cake will function Prince William and Kate’s cipher which will be formally released on the wedding day.

The Particulars

– The wedding invitations (sent out in February) had been printed by Barnard and Westwood. The invitations had been die stamped in gold on cream card stock.

– Kate will be obtaining ready with her family members at the Goring Hotel in London.

– Hugo Burnand will be the official wedding photographer.

– Shane Connolly, a London floral designer will be generating the floral displays for the wedding.

– William will wear a suit created from Australian merino wool.

– Kate’s wedding band will be made from Welsh gold owned by the royal family members. The gold was provided to Prince William shortly after the couple announced their engagement,. Prince William will not wear a wedding ring.

– In lieu of gifts, the couple has asked for donations to charity as their wedding presents.

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The rumors

– Kate is rumoured to have 3 gowns in case one particular leaks to the press.

– Kate is rumoured to be ditching the diamond tiara and as an alternative wearing fresh flowers in her hair despite the fact that hat maker Phillip Treacy has been mentioned to have been commissioned to make hats for several of Kate’s family – which includes the bride.

– Kate’s hairstyle is mentioned to be “down and flowy”.

= Kate is rumoured to drop the “obey” from her otherwise classic wedding vows.

– Prince Harry is stated to be hosting a recovery brunch the day right after the wedding

– It is rumoured the newlyweds might have an Australian honeymoon (but also rumoured that the couple will head to Jordan!).

With all the tradition, Kate and William are confident to put their own stamp on the day – which actually is what I love about any wedding! What do you hope will occur?

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Our group predicts:

Ms Polka Dot: I don’t keep in mind considerably of Princess Diana and Charles’s wedding, the modern day fairytale of Princess Mary and Frederick in Denmark is the 1 I keep in mind staying up for and really becoming aware sufficient of what was taking place to soak it in. I predict that Kate and Prince William’s wedding will be a lot more influential than anyone has predicted- in small approaches also- the specifics, the order of the ceremony, the words chosen.

I predict Kate and Prince William will have a lot of private touches throughout the day- though these might not be important or even noticed by the media and the thousands of eyes upon them. I’m predicting Kate to put on a gown with sleeves(not full, but covering the shoulders) and a thing unexpected and fashion forward- really sleek, structured and stylish but with the traditional protocol that is called for. A bouquet of roses (a nod to Diana and English blooms) and gardenias. I predict Kate will put on a minimal tiara but include fresh blooms in her hair. William, I predict will be wearing a grey morning suit.

I’d enjoy to see the bridesmaids in a lovely taupe colour or slate blue but believe some thing spring like will ultimately be the winner. The wedding will be a nod to Britain with numerous classic English blooms and flowers utilized all through.

Ms Paisley: Gown: will be ivory and structured but not fussy or too overwhelming. It will have a train, but it will be of a a lot more practical length

Hair: half up, half down – will be able to accommodate a tiara and a veil but will nonetheless look soft and romantic.

Flowers: English roses and perhaps a nod to Wales with some white daffodils.

A thing old: I’d like to see her carry one thing individual from her family members – possibly a piece of household heirloom jewellery like a bracelet or a locket that can be attached to the bouquet

A thing new: the gown of course

Some thing borrowed: a diamond tiara from the royal collection

Some thing blue: the sapphire engagement ring of course!

Ms Stripey: I predict that there will be pale green or blue included in the wedding colours. Also lots of white flowers. Her gown will be simple and fairly slinky – not like a cream puff at all, and not also much skin showing. Honeymoon will be in a place that no-one has guessed.

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Ms Floral: I adore, enjoy, enjoy jewellery (which is very unfortunate for my bank account!) so I’m quite excited to see what pieces Kate will put on tomorrow. I’m thinking she will be borrowing some of the household jewels, and my suspicion is she could even put on Diana’s sapphire necklace and earrings that match her engagement ring. I don’t assume Kate will disappoint no matter what she chooses and she’s absolutely going to sparkle!

Ms Gingham: As with so a lot of factors in life, the royal wedding has come total circle. I don’t forget becoming in early main school when Charles and Diana’s wedding preparations were in total swing. I have some vivid memories of this time in the early 1980&#8242s.

There was a permeating sense of anticipation, even even though I don’t think we kids had any thought who Charles and Diana truly were. All we knew was that a prince and princess had been getting married … how exciting! At school, we were provided a song to discover in honour of the occasion, printed on the old purple printer with the smell of methylated spirit nonetheless fairly vivid in my thoughts … “Charlie’s getting married, at last. To a beautiful girl with no a (and I don’t keep in mind the rest due to the fact my brother utilized to replace the next words with a thing rude).

Just like now with Kate Middleton’s dress, back then, the query on everyone’s lips was what will she be wearing? I remember seeing a report on the news about the hundreds of silk worms that were busily spinning the silk that was going to be utilized to make the fabric for Diana’a wedding dress. I was amazed … you mean silk comes from worms???

Then, all too soon, we were watching the wedding on T.V. A true princess was acquiring married to her prince. Confident, he wasn’t quite handsome, but we didn’t genuinely see that. He was a real, live prince! And didn’t he appear like one in his regal attire, waiting nervously for his bride at the altar.

I couldn’t get more than the hoards of folks lining the streets to get a glimpse of Diana. She was in the royal carriage, waving to the crowds. To me, she looked complete of joy and a small bit nervous. But most importantly, to my young eyes she was so beautiful. Then she was walking down the aisle, in that enormous dress with the longest train ever. No wonder they necessary all these silk worms! All I could believe of was how lucky she was to be wearing that gorgeous dress and to be marrying a prince. There was no query that they would live happily ever immediately after.

I believe that absolutely everyone about the globe, young and old were thinking that. Right after they had been married, on the balcony waving out to the enormous crowd and having their very first kisses, we were filled with such joy for them and hope for the rest of us. And I guess that is what a royal wedding represents … hope.

These days, we’ve learnt a lot about life. We saw how it ended for Charles and Diana and we can’t help but think that some had been luckier than other individuals in the outcome.

But now, right here is Prince William. We saw him grow up. From the 1st photos of him as a child sucking on Diana’s tiny finger, to the genuinely handsome prince he has become these days. We have seen his romance with Kate Middleton go by way of it’s trials and tribulations. This is a couple we can determine with. They aren’t picture ideal, they’re human just like the rest of us. So, will Kate be wearing the picture excellent dress just like her mother in law did?

Right here is what I predict. I would like to believe that Kate will be wearing a dress that we can all identify with. I picture her in a straight gown, hugging her silhouette with minimal embellishment. I feel she will be regal in her train. It will be extended just like Diana’s was. In my thoughts the only flowers she could have would be roses, complete of fragrance and pale in colour. Her tiara will be the identical one Diana was wearing all those years ago.

Beyond this, what I do hope, is that the union of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be filled with enjoy and happiness. I hope that they will be a couple that our young children, who will be watching with the identical excitement and wonder as we did, can look up to, and 1 day hope to emanate. For even via natural disasters, recessions and death, that is what a royal wedding represents … hope.

Oh and for a tiny enjoyable this morning, a video from T Mobile based off a single of my favourite ever Youtube videos- the JK wedding dance.

Okay Group Polkadot! What are your predictions?

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