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Welcome to 2010 on Polka Dot Bride! I’m going to kick off the year with a quite particular guest, someone who is close to and dear to me- Mr Polka Dot!

Mr Polka wrote this post final year and given that the festive season is the time when most proposals occur, I believed this was a ideal time to share his words with you. So this is choosing a ring from a guy’s point of view!

georg jensen cent Choosing The Ring

Ring from Georg Jensen

So you have decided that you are going to ask that special lady in your life to marry you.

That is going to mean obtaining an engagement ring. There are a couple of approaches to go about carrying out this. Initial up is the standard way, go out and select the ring yourself to surprise her with, or propose and take her with you to pick out the ring she would really like.

There are pro’s and cons for both of these approaches.

If you really want to surprise her with the bended knee and opening ring box you are going to have to get it oneself.  My finest suggestions for this approach is to be observant.  If you know more about what her likes and dislikes are in this location you are far more most likely to choose something that she is going to scream over and really feel great displaying off to all her buddies.

Cerrone Engagement Rings Loose Diamonds Wedding Rings Choosing The Ring

Ring from Cerrone

If she in no way talks about weddings or wedding rings you could not be capable to get a perfect notion of the ring she would adore, nonetheless you can garner lots of info from the rest of her jewelery collection. What sort of colour does she like? Is she a gold, white gold or silver girl? Or if she has a lot, what does she put on the most on her hands. Also does she prefer subtle jewelery, or is she into the louder a lot more extravagant things. This will all give you fantastic insight into what to choose out for her.

Now when you have been observing this, my subsequent suggestion would be to locate a really valuable jeweler. It will be a lot less difficult for if you uncover a jeweler who will aid you via the approach of choosing out the best ring. This may imply going to a handful of jewelers until you discover the proper a single for you.

The other way of course is to ask the question with no the ring and to pick out the ring with each other. This technique of course indicates you don’t have to worry about getting the right ring on your own. Before you head down this path thinking it is the easy way even so it might be worth gauging from her how she feels about this way. It will demand tact on your element to perform this out with no providing away your intention.

Jan Logan Jewellery collections diamonds precious rings 011583 Choosing The Ring

Ring from Jan Logan

We wouldn’t want you just come out and ask the query with out the ring if she truly has her heart set on the question coming with the ring in the box.

Once you have decided on a approach of acquiring the ring for her, the next main activity for you is the proposal. That my close friends is an art of it’s personal, however I’m assured that rolling over on the couch, letting off gasoline and saying ‘how about it babe’ might not be the greatest way to go.

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