Nikki and Charlie

I thought I’d do something a tiny various this morning and share a gorgeous wedding video instead of stills with you! As significantly as I adore stills, videos do capture your day in a entirely distinct way and for me? Well I’m always left in a tear!

Matt from Barwick Multimedia sent this video of Nikki &amp Charlie’s wedding that he captured in Byron Bay (at Deux Belettes). He says “Because it was such an incredibly vibrant wedding with so considerably entertainment taking place, among us we decided to place with each other something a small diverse from the ‘lovey dovey’ begin>finish sort of angle on the wedding.

We wanted to not only tell very a bit of who they are and also their love story but also intertwine a showcase of the day and all the goings on…e.g. fire dancers, stilt walking bubble blowers, samba drummers and also Lisa Hunt performing. I think we did a fairly very good job also!”

nikki &amp charlie | kiss me like we’re on film from Matt Barwick on Vimeo.

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