Julie and Paul

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Julie and Paul

If you’re a lengthy time reader of Polka Dot Bride, you might keep in mind a board I developed final year for Bride Julie (Julie’s Nautical Jubilee). Well nowadays I am so beyond thrilled to see her tips and creations come to life! Julie is the greatest sweetheart and I feel honoured to have followed her wedding planning journey!

Julie lets us in on how the couple met. “We went on a blind date (properly sort of blind, we had seen a photo) at Universal bar in Northbridge, shared a drink &amp had a wonderful conversation and then began dating. Factors initially moved very slowly, I believe I waited 3 or 4 dates for a 1st kiss and had almost provided up hope – turns out my groom was just extremely shy!”

Photographs by Yoram Conradt Photography who captured all the particulars and work Julie and Paul put into their day with such vivid colours and energy!

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Julie and Paul carried the blue, red and white nautical theme throughout their entire wedding day- like the stationery. “Wren Press in Mount Hawthorn. Iantha did a fanastic job of obtaining the beachy really feel and we got lots of good feedback on the stationary. The invitations had been inspired by Cavallo’s nautical series and the stunning location of the wedding reception on Cape Naturaliste, WA – which was the site of the proposal.”

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Julie and Paul had a traditional Orthodox ceremony. Julie says, “The crowns for the service were antique crowns that on loan from a Russian church in Sydney, and bought more than to the West by two of the guests.”

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The flowers held a particular which means for the couple and were arranged by JVK Floral Style, Eagle Bay.  Julie tells us, “The flowers incorporated blue status flower, red and ivory roses. The heatwave that week resulted in a last minute adjust in flowers (spider orchids and hydrangeas had been no-go due to the likelihood of wilting in the intense heat and changed to the hardier status flower) The grooms buttonholes included silk cornflowers, to remember and honour the Groom’s dad, who died a handful of years ago from motor neurone disease. Cornflowers are the symbol for the motor neurone disease society.”

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Julie wore a Valentino gown, ‘Deandra’ in ivory, which was imported from Europe and was sold to a girl from Dubai who only just lately got married in the Middle East. Julie says “it has literally travelled around the globe.”

The bridesmaids wore Shakey Love Frock in Cherry from Alannah Hill.  Julie says ” I wanted dresses with an injection of colour, and I figure that the cocktail style has much more put on-capacity than the matte block colour that 1 generally sees in bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaids were my sister, and two of my close close friends Sarah and Anne. They contain a blue rose print, replaying the motive in the wedding dress and also in the bridal flowers. My flowergirl’s dress was a sailor girl dress bought off Ebay for $ 10 – bargain! Poor tiny dear got nervous and refused to stroll down the aisle but nevertheless enjoyed her day as a flowergirl.”

All the girls wore Manolo Blahnik ‘Something Blue,’ shoes.

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Julie and Paul married at the Greek Orthodox Chapel in Prevelly Beach. Julie says “It was important for Paul to get married in an orthodox church. We found the Greek orthodox church, perched on the edge of where the Margaret River mouth spills into the ocean. The church has an interesting background in that it is named following Prevelli in Crete. In the course of WW2 in the Battle of Crete, some Australian soldiers took refuge at the Prevelli monastery. The monks sheltered and fed the Australians and then helped secure their escape. Later when the Germans discovered this, they bombed the monastery. Some of the surviving Australian soldiers then re-constructed this monastery at Prevelly in memory of the monks.”

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Australian Nautical Wedding Julie Paul0076 Julie and Paul

The service was 1 of the much more memorable components of the day, not just for the “marriage” portion! Julie recounts “The service was filled with a few dramas. The church had accidentally created a double-booking for the day, which meant our wedding was to be held immediately straight following one more party. The timing was going to be tight, but really should have been workable.

There had been hiccups when we arrived at the church and we saw all of the automobiles from the other wedding were still there – yet another guest ran out and we were told their groom had passed out from the heat and they had been attempting to revive him! We did laps of Prevelly Beach and our wedding eventually started about 15 minutes later. I kept a close eye on my groom, who was sweating profusely in the heat, to make certain he didn’t hit the deck!

We also have the rare privilege of getting a single of the couple of couples who can in fact boast that they had been married by two priests! The service was carried out by, a Greek priest from Perth and was jointly undertaken by Paul’s aging family priest, who is suffering from Parkinson’s and has retired. He was coaxed out of retirement to undertake a single final wedding even though!”

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Julie says “We hired beautiful old FJ Holdens for the transport and arranged a ‘just married,’ sign on a lifebuoy that was attached to the back of 1 of the cars. A gust of wind blew the sign off half way down Caves Road.”

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Julie and Paul held their reception at Bunkers Beach Cafe which held significance for them. “A bit more than half an hours drive away from the reception up Caves Road to the Bunker Bay Cafe, appropriate on the beach overlooking the bay, and Cape Naturaliste was also the web site of the proposal. This point was chosen due to the fact it is a single of my favourite beaches in Western Australia and due to the fact it enabled amazing views, a relaxed beach celebration really feel to the reception and getting subsequent door Bunker Bay resort enabled guests to stroll back to their rooms afterwards.”

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The cake was a delectable tart tower created by Edible Art in Margaret River.  Julie describes it “We went with the grapevine inspired style because it seemed fitting for the location becoming in the Margaret River Wine region. Carmello is genuinely an artist! He wasn’t satisfied with the mould of the grape bunches, and individually hand rolled every single marzipan grape on our cake. The wedding cake was an assortment of three distinct styles – Margaret River chocolate truffle cake (gluten free of charge) covered in ivory marzipan and a bunch of grapes and grape leaves on every single 1, and then blueberry and strawberry tarts to get the red and the blue.”

Australian Nautical Wedding Julie Paul0168a Julie and Paul

The dessert bar featured a lot of scrumptious treats such as jam kisses made by Julie’s mum, strawberries &amp cream, raspberries, blue clouds, Max Brenner bride &amp groom chocolate &amp Sarah’s lollipops. Julie says “The dessert bar was raided throughout the evening. When we arrived the subsequent morning to collect our issues the staff suggested us one particular of the glass candy jars containing blue clouds had disappeared &amp they couldn’t find it anywhere. Turns out, a single of our guests was so enamored with these lollies that he took the jar to have some for the stroll back to the rooms, and he was discovered by his wife the next morning, passed out,  outdoors the villa, hugging the jar with his silk white shirt ruined from stains of blue cloud lollies!”

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Guest favors were wrapped in red and blue and featured shell bottle openers or shell candles.

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Australian Nautical Wedding Julie Paul0188 Julie and Paul

Australian Nautical Wedding Julie Paul0191 Julie and Paul

Traditional speeches had been completed away with. “No formal speeches were created, vodka shots had been drunk, upon arrival in honour of my husband’s Russian heritage and cocktail food was served throughout the evening.”

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Julie changed into a short gown for the reception- so she had lots of room for dancing! The couple used their ipod for music, playing a choice of swing music to 1920s to classic and modern day day tunes.

Australian Nautical Wedding Julie Paul0193 Julie and Paul

Congratulations Julie and Paul on your marriage! I am so thrilled for you both! Thank you also to Yoram Conradt Photography for these days’s photographs!

Pictures by Yoram Conradt Photography

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