Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

There are not many times in your life when your hands will be photographed far more than your on your engagement. and your wedding day and it’s nice to have a manicure with a lovely colour to boost your nails on the day.

So I tried and tested eleven nail polishes from some of the top rated label’s bridal nail polish ranges.

ORLY Kiss The Bride1 Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

ORLY “Kiss The Bride”

Opaque in colour, ORLY’s “Kiss The Bride” is a soft, creamy  pink (akin in some ways to liquid paper) that takes almost 3 coats to get searching best. It’s a high gloss colour that when paired with ORLY’s No Chip top rated coat lasted a handful of days and would appear beautiful in an English Nation garden wedding paired with a bouquet of peonies and roses maybe? The crucial to this polish is the application, as any imperfections show up rapidly. I adore the ORLY  bottles’ rubber caps also – it makes it so much simpler when you’re attempting to open the bottle with wet nails!

OPI Hopelessly In Love Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

O.P.I “Hopelessly In Adore”

O.P.I’s “Hopelessly In Enjoy”s a a flesh tone pink, with peachy, coral undertones. Three coats gives an opaque coverage even though two is a small much more subtle. Cautious application creates a nice neutral appear, although it can be streaky if you rush. This colour would appear perfectly at residence at a beach wedding.

Sally Hansen Shall We Dance Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

Sally Hansen “Shall We Dance”

Oh I love the sheer, nude pink of this colour  and it’s my top choose from Sally Hansen. The “Shall We Dance” colour from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicare range is  gorgeous. It’s subtle enough to give a hint of colour whilst nonetheless becoming very neutral. One coat of this just offers your nails a beautiful shine, enhancing your organic nail colour whilst a few coats adds a lovely soft barely there pink. Building up the layers offers a glossy pale pink. (Plus I am in love with the Sally Hansen wide brush applicator). Go slow and thin with the application although to steer clear of streaks. This is the varnish for a person who just desires a hint of shine and colour for their wedding day.

OPI Princesses Rule1 Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

O.P.I “Princesses Rule”

“Princesses Rule” is a single of O.P.I’s most well-known bridal shades. This polish gives the trifecta – sparkle, shimmer and pearl with a candy sweet pink to match. For one particular or two coats it’s pure shimmer and as you develop up the colour a pearly sweet pink shows up. Originally I believed the colour was a little too sparkly for me, but I grew to like it much more and a lot more as a sheer but entertaining choice. Perfectly suited for a bride that is probably going for a dramatic appear and desires a thing entertaining, or a casual wedding with a lot of sweet elements.

Sally Hansen Blushing Bride Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength “Blushing Bride”

With a sheer coat, the corally pink sheerness of Sally Hansen’s “Blushing Bride” from the Diamond Strength range is a lovely neutral with a hit of colour. Building up to 3 coats, the sparkly coral pink becomes a bold metallic (packed with teeny tiny glitter) pink toned copper which would look correct at house on a tropical island or for a bride in an over the best dramatic gown. If you’re a fan of metallic, this colour will be appropriate up your alley.

ORLY Lift The Veil Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

ORLY “Lift The Veil”

ORLY’s “Lift The Veil” is a milky blue-toned pink. I in fact really like the softness of this pink – which is less candy pink than the bottle tends to make it out to be. It demands three-four coats to get the colour searching smooth and streak cost-free. Certainly a beautiful selection if you’re wanting a classic creamy pink on your nails for your wedding day. (I adore how fast ORLY polishes dry also, it’s great not worrying about knocks and dents!)

OPI Otherwise Engaged3 Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

O.P.I “Otherwise Engaged”

O.P.I’s “Otherwise Engaged” is a sheer pearl pink with an unexpected lilac tint to it. I adore the glossiness of this and even with 3 coats it’s still beautiful and sheer. This is my choose from O.P.I as I enjoy polishes with a hint of colour that I can develop up or leave basically glossy depending on my mood. I enjoy the unexpected lilac tone as well – just for one thing a tiny diverse.

sally hansen honeymoon red Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

Sally Hansen “Honeymoon Red”

One particular of the weddings I remember the most was a bride who wore red lips and red nails for her wedding day – I loved the vintage vibe it gave her! Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength “Honeymoon Red” is just the correct shade of red – a classic if you will – not as well dark, or orange but a clean, clear red that is  gorgeous for the bride who desires bold colour on her wedding day. Red constantly tends to make diamond rings look beautifully white also!

OPI Altar Ego Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

O.P.I “Altar Ego”

O.P.I tells me “Altar Ego” is Kate Middleton’s favourite nail colour. The soft iridescent pink has a blue pearl to it. Altar Ego is virtually clear, but has a unique lilac sheen as you construct the colour up. There’s a quite fine sparkle which just adds to the lovely glossy finish of this polish. Beautiful for winter weddings or if you’re heading towards cooler colour tones.

Sally Hansen Fairy Tale Ivory Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength “Fairytale Ivory”

In the bottle, this polish looks like a champagne glitter and for girls that want a neutral sparkle on their wedding day this one is beautiful – it shines white, shimmery glitter with the smallest amount of flesh tone to boost your nail colour. I loved the subtlety of this colour (it’s my second choose from Sally Hansen). It gave just adequate sparkle to really feel like I’d gone to an effort with my nails but the sheer white of the colour looked understated. Plus it makes diamonds look incredibly sparkly!

ORLY Toast The Couple Eleven Fabulous Bridal Nailpolishes

ORLY “Toast The Couple”

A soft neutral metallic, ORLY’s “Toast the Couple” can be worn sheer or opaque. This a single was my leading choose from the polishes I tried from ORLY as I loved the sheer skin tone of the a single to two layers – a hint of sheen with out being also bold. Creating up it becomes more of a neutral metallic frosty colour which is nevertheless subtle whilst providing a lovely colour. If you want a nude, pink shimmer on your wedding day – this is your a single.

What nail polish is your favourite? What shade will you be wearing on your wedding day?

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