DIY Project Bird’s Nest Cake Topper

 DIY Project Birds Nest Cake Topper

The lovely and talented Mel from The Crafty DIY Bride and Paper &amp Ribbons is back today with two more fantastic DIY projects she’s written herself. 1st up this morning is some thing that fits proper into Mel’s quirky theme- her DIY Bird’s Nest Cake topper!

What you need to have:
Bird’s nest, or nest makings
Tiny birdies
Tiny paper flowers
A modest piece of felt
PVA glue or glue gun
Dried moss

What to do:
Start by shaping the nest so that it is the proper size for your cake and has adequate space for your birdies to sit comfortably.

diy project birds nest cake topper001 DIY Project Birds Nest Cake Topper

Start filling the nest with some dried moss and secure making use of PVA glue. Note: You can use a glue gun right here, but I discover the “glue strings” hard to steer clear of.

diy project birds nest cake topper002 DIY Project Birds Nest Cake Topper

After dried, sit your birdies in the nest. It’s up to you whether you glue them in or not.

 DIY Project Birds Nest Cake Topper

Fairly the nest up with some tiny paper flowers and finish by gluing a piece of felt on the bottom of the nest to avoid sneaky bits of nest ending up on mum and dad’s piece of cake!

Mel will be back this afternoon with yet another of her DIY tutorials- this is a single she tells me she’s already had requests for so I can’t wait to share it!

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