Colourful Candlesticks

coloured candlesticks Colourful Candlesticks

1. Candlestick makeover from Cupcakes &amp Cashmere two.  Blue candlesticks from Sunset three, Candles from Anik Gneib 4. Candlestick centrepiece from Womans Day five. Black lacquered candlesticks from Gumps through Remodelista 6. Danish candlesticks from MonkiVintage 7. Chroma candlestick from Anthropologie 8. Coloured candlesticks from Martha Stewart Weddings 9. Coral candlestick photo by Crystal Clear Imagery by way of Style Me Fairly ten. Green candlestick photo by Michele M. Waite by way of Elizabeth Anne Styles 11. Painted candlesticks from BHG 12. Distressed pink candlesticks from VintageJulz

We feel of candlesticks as getting usually produced of silver, brass, china or glass. Wooden candlesticks are more frequently than not stained a brown colour  – not terribly inspiring if you wish to incorporate them in your wedding décor.

How can you add a point of difference to your wedding décor?  You could supply coloured glass or china candlesticks from the web, or from larger decorating ‘supermarkets’. Perhaps second hand markets would unearth a few beauties.

Or you could call on your creative side and source wooden candlesticks of all shapes and sizes – tall and thin, brief and squat, or elegant and tapered. Assume of how you will group the candlesticks on the tables – distinct heights and widths appear the finest in groups of odd numbers.

What are the colours you have chosen for your wedding reception? Which colour is your major 1, and which are the accent colours? As soon as you have decided, head on down to your paint retailer, with fabric swatches, ribbons or beads (whatever you will use) and evaluate paint chips against these items. Next make a decision on whether you will paint the candlesticks with a gloss paint, or a flat matt paint finish.  Some paint brushes and fine grade sandpaper and you have all your tools to commence your project. Take your time sanding and painting two coats of your chosen hues – sanding in between coats to give a smooth finish.

Your candlesticks could be all painted white, or all black – grouped on a mirrored tabletop and lit with white candles. A metallic completed copper or gold paint could look good with honeycomb patterned beeswax candles.

Try grouped candlesticks of numerous colours on a plain tablecloth – for example attempt sky blue, spring green and white candlesticks, grouped on a white or blue tablecloth. Add blue and green hydrangeas and your other accessories in white and you have a straightforward but trendy table setting.  Candlesticks choosing up the colours of a floral vintage fabric, a specifically vibrant stripe in a beachside setting, or a basic coloured toile will appear co-ordinated.

So that your candlestick arrangements do not look like a candy shop, just make sure that one particular of the colours dominates and the other colours are employed as accents.

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