Brisbane Wedding Giveaway Winner Announcement

win a wedding WINNER Brisbane Wedding Giveaway Winner Announcement

The winners of the Brisbane Wedding Giveaway have been announced! A huge congratulations to Anastasia &amp Eugen who have won more than $ 20,000 worht of wedding services &amp products for their Brisbane wedding!

Organiser Sarah says “The approach to select a winner was. Nikki and myself chose three finalists,  Nikki and myself met with the 3 .Every single contributor from the creative team was offered 1 vote.

A friendly and truthful couple and loving household (both 30, with a three year old boy and 2 year old girl). Anastasia met Eugen although in Greece and despite the fact that they did not speak the same language they fell in enjoy.

When we met Anastasia, she was clearly incredibly nervous and excited about the chance to win the giveaway. She stated she felt extremely humble as there are so numerous deserving men and women and they would really feel the need to “pay it forward” in some way if they were to win.  Anastasia grew up on the Sunshine Coast and met Eugen whilst traveling in Greece and right after dating for three months they rented an apartment there together. When Anastasia fell pregnant they decided that it was best for her to come back to Australia for medical care. When she left the couple were unsure if and when Eugen would be able to join her. They were really lucky that he ended up being granted residency and arrived only 12 hours immediately after his tiny darling was born.

Eugen is Albanian and grew up in a nation that was falling apart — at 15 he left his loved ones and his nation to turn into a refugee in Greece, where he would ultimately discover to survive and operate in an entirely foreign country. He mentioned that he thinks little of it as so a lot of individuals are in harder conditions than he was and prefers not to be named a refugee as he believes that numerous other people have had a much tougher time than he.

Anastasia and Eugen brought lots of photos of their young children as properly as of their families to show.  Eugen works two jobs to appear right after his family members and is really proud of them. They are a couple that are also extremely easy to relate to and become attached to as they are friendly and open. Although we had met to interview them, they had been genuinely interested in each Nikki and myself and wanted us to thank all of the inventive group for the giveaway regardless of the outcome.

They were quite emotional about the chance win the giveaway. There is some thing undefinable and truly lovely about this couple.”

wedding competition winners Brisbane Wedding Giveaway Winner Announcement

Anastasia tells their story in their entry “My partner and I met in Greece 2007. I was backpacking/operating through the Greek islands and Eugen, was an Albanian refugee living in Athens. In spite of the cultural variations between each and every other, we fell in love and I fell pregnant to our son. My companion had fled civil war in his country ten years prior. He had lived a life complete of Conflict, displacement and poverty. Due to the fact of the horrible scenario in Greece (for refugees) we returned to Australia on a spouse visa just in time for the arrival of our son. With the stress of function and supporting a household, we never ever did marry. Fitting in to a foreign country, participating in the function force and a language barrier for Eugen consumed our affairs. I gave birth of our daughter in (2010) and regardless of intentions, funds for a wedding was by no means a priority. It would be beautiful to consolidate our love with our loved ones one particular day. If we were to win this competitors, and have the financial burden lifted, it may possibly be attainable to fly Eugen’s parents from Albania to join us right here in Australia for the nuptials. My partner will become an Australian Citizen in March 2013. Thank you.”

Congratulations Anastasia &amp Eugen! I can’t wait to see what plans you make!

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