ABC Of Weddings: W For Wine

w ABC Of Weddings: W For Wine

Whining wives are usually found close to the wine at a wedding although whistling for a water glass.


Food and great wine are one particular of my favourite components of planning a wedding.

The drinks at your wedding can be dependent on the packages of your venue. Some may have a common simple package which you can upgrade, other people might ask you to bring your own supply of alcohol, (and specific bottle shops allow you to return the unopened bottles). Then there are venues that will work with you on making the best mix of drinks.


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If your venue enables you, you might be able to have a wine tasting to decide the finest wines for your evening. If you’re a foodie this is a best way to place your stamp on your day!

Select wines appropriate to the food you will be serving- i.e. a beautiful pinot if you’re serving duck and if you’re serving fish a fresh white wine such as a riesling.

Take into account choosing wines from your neighborhood spot (i.e. if you’re Australian make use of the incredible drops our grape growers generate!) You may possibly even like to showcase wines from your distinct spot or State.


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Usually used only for toasting or straight following the ceremony, champagne is the best choice for such a large celebration. But if you feel actually extravagant, provide champagne throughout the complete meal. To find out much more about champagne examine out the ‘C For Champagne’ entry.

The Cocktail

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Cocktails are a great way to start the celebrations.

A signature cocktail, maybe in 1 of your wedding colours, employing your favourite flavours and named immediately after something fun like “The Jessicatini” is a great way to be creative and place your own stamp on this element of the day.


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Don’t forget the beer! A preferred drink for several males (and some females) a beer usually goes down nicely!

The Mocktail

By no means let it be stated you can’t produce a delicious drink without having alcohol. A mocktail is just like a fancy cocktail, minus the booze! Assume exotic mixes of flavours. Blueberries. raspberries with pineapple juice – just use your imagination!

Non alcoholic Wine

For these that are the designated driver or favor not to have alcohol, de – alcoholized wine or grape juice might be an solution.

Soft drink/Soda

Be sure to provide plenty of soft drink.

Juice and water

Juice and water are thirst quenching on a hot day and a great option to alcohol.

Tea and coffee

For the long drive house, tea and coffee end the celebrations. Spice it up by supplying a tea and coffee bar with different alternatives- possibly even provide alcoholic coffee, and choice of excellent quality teas – herbal, green and black.

Different drinks are served at distinct instances all through the wedding.


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You may possibly pick to serve drinks at the ceremony.

For Summer season, assume of employing containers such as galvanised tin pails filled with ice containing:

  • Personalised water bottles
  • Champagne piccolos
  • Italian soft drink/soda
  • Glass decanters of punch and homemade lemonade

For winter, embrace the cold and serve unique toasty warm drinks:

  • Liqueur coffee
  • Mulled wine
  • Hot cocoa

Cocktail Hour

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Typically this is correct ahead of the reception although the newlyweds are finishing off formal photographs. Cocktails and champagne are served with light hors d’oeuvres.


amycarrolchampagne ABC Of Weddings: W For Wine

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Now is the time for the wine! Toasts will usually be during the sit down portion of the evening also so the champagne might be poured at that time.

Post Dinner

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You may possibly choose to serve tough liquor at this time and then tea and coffee for the road. Dessert wine is a excellent option if serving a complimentary dessert or cake.

For midnight snacks consider drinks like ice cream sodas, hot chocolate with marshmallows, with mini donuts, or a giant choc chip cookie with coffee. Your guests will surely be totally filled to the brim with great cheer!!

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