A Circus Style Wedding

Ashton Entertainment A Circus Style Wedding

Even when I was growing up, when the circus came to town you knew there was fun to be had. The sweet smell of fairy floss, the warm buttery popcorn. Taking your seat on a single of the rickety old chairs and losing your breath as the daring acts came out and the crowd applauded.

Although the circus has slightly evolved over the years, that sense of excitement and entertaining has never ever gone away and when you combine it with a wedding? Well that’s going to be a single fairly amazing celebration!

Ashton Entertainment has decided to unveil their bevy of circus performers, gear and vendors to couples wanting a circus really feel to their day, There’s the huge tops (just right for wedding receptions), the performers (trapeze artists anyone?) and even fairy floss and popcorn machines.
circus tent wedding hire A Circus Style Wedding

They have two big tops (each white with red trim, just appropriate for circus colours!) and over nine different acts to employ (like ragdoll, serial ring artists, single trapeze artists, Spanish internet acts, jugglers and hula hoops). So there’s plenty of entertainment choices to pick from to surprise your guests and get them into the mood for your wedding!

If you need some inspiration for just how great a circus wedding can be? Roll up roll up! I’ve rounded up some of my favourites!
circus wedding inspiration A Circus Style Wedding

1. Photo by  Cameron Ingalls through Green Wedding Shoes two Photo by Josh Goleman via When Wed 3 Photo by  Gabriel Ryan Photographers by way of 100 Layer Cake 4 Photo by Elyse Hall Photography through Style Me Pretty five. Photo by  Gabriel Ryan Photographers by way of 100 Layer Cake 6 Photo by  Cameron Ingalls via Green Wedding Shoes 7. Photo by Josh Goleman through As soon as Wed

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