Supercharge Your Twitter Knowledge With Tweetdeck


Today’s social media savvy society provides us a new medium to industry ourselves and our enterprise. Just appear at Twitter that web site prides itself on obtaining more than 500 million active users. We all tweet but is there something that can spice up our Twitter experience for us? 

Tweetdeck is an application that makes the management of Twitter so significantly less difficult. This system allows you to schedule your tweets, monitor and handle your followers, narrow down on users that share your passion, spilt your followers into groups and so forth.

Lets have a look at some of the amazing functions of Tweetdeck:

Schedule Your Tweets

Here is the bad news: Men and women only like to follow users that are active. Become inactive for a few weeks, and we bet that you will lose some followers.

Right here is the good news even though, with Tweetdeck you can truly schedule your tweets days in advance. You can schedule the delivery of the tweet based on time and date. You can even add hyperlinks or photographs to your tweets. If you have found that there is a particular time your tweet gets read or retweeted the most, schedule your tweets to be delivered about that time. You will certainly see a surge of new followers by taking advantage of this enticing function.

Translate That Tweet

Have you ever wondered what your international followers were tweeting about? Only if you knew their language! Well, with Tweetdeck‘s great translation function you can translate the tweet from that user seven seas more than with no issue.

Social Functions

With its other social media integration capability, you can now post updates to your Facebook, Linkedln, MySpace, Buzz and Foursquare accounts from just a single place. No more logging into 5 accounts just to post an update.

Save Time With Simple Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are an avid Twitter user, I can guarantee you that the keyboard shortcuts which Tweetdeck delivers will save you bouts of time. With just a press of a letter, you can reply (Letter A), Retweet (Letter S), Direct Message (Letter D) or favorite a message (Letter F). How cool is that? You can even hit “C” to compose a message or “/” to do twitter search. To navigate, just use the arrow keys or letter “H”, “J”, “K”, and “L”.

Miscellaneous Attributes

Want to know one more remarkable Twitterdeck feature? It even allows you to view other user’s followers. This can be incredibly essential if you are a enterprise owner. It is an wonderful way to get targeted followers who will get pleasure from your tweets and most most likely stick to you back.

Right here is an additional really cool feature of Tweetdeck, which we promise will make your timeline view a lot neater. The feature we are speaking about is the a single which lets you manage whose tweets you want to view.

It also lets you view your new followers and their follower counts and bio. It also tells you whether or not you adhere to them already, creating the task of stick to back a lot less complicated.

An additional nice feature that will maintain your twitter timeline more organized, pertinent and clean is its Global Filter function. With this, you can block out spammy words, topics, or people that you are tired of hearing about.

We hope these ideas make your twitter utilizing knowledge a lot smoother. Twitter can be a excellent asset for your enterprise and Twitterdeck helps you leverage that even a lot more.

Thanks Alex for your contribution!

P.S. Alex is the CEO of SEOAtlanta, a Firm that can assist you increase your rankings while making use of only white-hat strategies.

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