How to Change your Voice for Prank Calls

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Back in my day us children had to actually manipulate our voices when we attempted to make prank telephone calls. We would alter our voices to sound like our preferred cartoon characters, teachers and anything else that we could picture. Then they invented caller ID, and that put a halt to the joyous days of care totally free prank calling.

Prank calling is back with newer technology! There are lots of distinct Apps that a single can use to disguise their voice and their number. Some apps will let you disguise your voice as a chipmunk, android, boy, girl, robot or surreal echo voices. My preferred App for prank calls is Funny Call, but there are lots of various apps to pick from for cell phones or even VoIP lines. You also can disguise your quantity with these numbers.

Just as a warning, make positive that you spend attention to state laws regarding prank phone calls. Some makes use of of prank calls are illegal! Also, make sure that your parents do not catch you! Prank calls can be actually fun to make to pals, but undertaking them to strangers is not quite nice. That becoming mentioned let me give you some great ideas for prank calls.

How to Make Hilarious Prank Telephone Calls

Make confident that you do not laugh while you are generating the telephone call. It will be really challenging to stifle your laughter even though producing the phone calls. One particular way to make confident you don’t laugh is to bite the bottom of your lip and breathe out your nose. Also, if you are generating pranks calls with a buddy if you are about to burst out in laughter hand the telephone more than to them.

When talking to the particular person never ever admit that it is a prank call even if they expect. Also, don’t forget that the person’s reaction is half the fun, and to not to take it also seriously if they get a little bit angry. Do not harass any one particular person also a lot, simply because that just is not nice. Also, you can get in difficulty for harassing them.

My Preferred Prank Phone Call

One particular of my favorites is to call an individual up and pretend that they have called you. When they answer the phone say “hello?”, and pretend that they are truly calling you. This can be a great repeat call that will drive the caller crazy. So make confident to back off if they threaten to call the cops.

The most essential factor is to have enjoyable! Use your imagination. Also, do not get caught!

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