DealAngel Worth Hotel Booking

DealAngel is launching a new way to search for hotels.

When you go to the DealAngel internet site and select your dates, it gives a list of hotels and costs for your trip. Every single of these rooms is assigned a “value” score — essentially, how the offered price tag compares to the anticipated market place rate for the area. If a area on a offered evening would commonly cost $ 300, and as an alternative it’s priced at $ 150, that’s a excellent value — but you may not see that if you’re searching purely based on price tag.

That “market rate” estimate for the area is based on pricing data from both that hotel and surrounding places — in fact, DealAngel says its algorithm looks at more than millions of information points across the Web.

DealAngel Helps You Discover The Finest Hotel Offers — Not Just The Cheapest [TechCrunch]

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