8 Methods Your Smartphone Doubles as a Wilderness Survival Tool

No one particular can ever predict when they’ll be in a survival scenario, but it’s never ever too late to be prepared. When you’re lost in the middle of nowhere with limited resources, everything you have on your particular person becomes crucial — like your smartphone. Believe it or not, your smartphone can aid you survive significantly far more properly than you might assume. With a little preparation, you’ll be all set for your next trip to the middle of nowhere.

A single of the most overlooked elements of becoming stranded with a smartphone is the reality that most apps require an world wide web connection to function. If you have an internet connection or a telephone signal, your rescue resolution is obvious, right? That’s why we’ve combed by means of the accessible outdoorsy smartphone apps to discover the ones that would be most suitable for a survival circumstance exactly where net connections and phone signals are nonexistent.

Smartphones as actual-globe survival tools

1. Flashlight

First, there’s the trusty flashlight. The aptly named Flashlight (download Flashlight for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and Brightest Flashlight (download Brightest Flashlight Cost-free Edition for Android) are straightforward apps that use your phone’s tiny LED flash to illuminate as nicely as any modest modern day flashlight you’ll discover in the camping aisle of your preferred retail store. These two apps had been chosen for their simplicity and ease of use in a circumstance exactly where obtaining light is a lot more essential than any unnecessary extras that are integrated in other light-up apps.

two. Map

Your map is the ultimate tool for generating it out of a lost predicament, and app retailers are swimming with choices. For the sake of this post, we’re going to take a appear at two of our preferred apps that can be employed fully offline. TomTom USA &amp Canada (download TomTom for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and Navigon (download Navigon USA&ampCAN for Android or Navigon North America for iPhone and iPad) each use preloaded maps and your phone’s GPS to track your present location. You can also set a path to track your movement, so you don’t have to worry about walking about in circles.

3. Compass

An crucial partner for your map is a compass, and thanks to a basic magnetometer inside your phone (which doesn’t demand an world wide web connection), you can discover your direction rather effortlessly. Spyglass (download Spyglass for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) is an app that has more bells and whistles than you’d normally want to use, but they’re all beneficial features. Sensible Compass (download Wise Compass for the Android) is a slightly less function-rich version for Android that gets the job accomplished reliably and simply.

Smartphones as invaluable repositories of understanding

4. Wild edibles database

In addition to these real-world archetypes, there are also some extremely helpful investigation apps that will help you survive in the wild. Foraging for wild edibles is an crucial first priority for survival, and the Wild Edibles app (download Wild Edibles for iPhone and iPod Touch or Android) has every thing you’ll require to aid identify which plants are close friends and which are foe.

five. Hunter’s helper

If you’re much more into the meaty side of the food chain, you have a number of choices to support you trick and trap your next meal. Qwik Hunting Calls &amp Sounds (download Qwik Hunting Calls &amp Sounds for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) includes 35 of the most well-known calls and sounds from animals you may encounter in the wild. Critter Call (download Critter Contact for Android) is another wonderful selection with 30 animal calls and sounds and the added capacity to play up to five sounds simultaneously.

6. Animal tracking tool

A wide selection of animal tracking apps can aid you better determine what kinds of animals are in your region. MyNature Animal Tracks (download MyNature Animal Tracks for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad or Android) is the most comprehensive tracking app out there, with databases for front and hind animal feet, scat identification, gait patterns, animal sounds, range maps, and much far more.

7. Fisher’s buddy

If you’re close to a big physique of water, fishing is also a viable selection for survival. MyNature Fishing Knots (download MyNature Fishing Knots for iPhone, iPod touch, and Pad or Android) is an invaluable resource for tying the 13 most typical knots utilised in modern day fishing. The app features illustrations, in depth directions, and even animated videos to make sure you won’t have to worry about the a single that got away.

8. Initial-help resource

A significant element of survival includes a lot more than just food and navigation. Safety and very first aid is important to making it out alive, and Initial Help (download First Help for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad or Android) is an app created by the American Red Cross to help you by way of any injury or accident. With comprehensive step-by-step guidelines, videos, and preventive safety tips, this app is complete of the professional guidance you’ll need to have. For Android customers, there’s yet another First Help app (download 1st Aid for Android) was not created by the American Red Cross, but it can still help you through the tension of dealing with an injury. Illustrations and videos accompany the text guidelines to help you get every single step just correct.

Keeping recharged

Now, you may possibly be seeking more than this list and asking yourself how on earth your smartphone’s battery could possibly keep up with all of these apps. Luckily, there are a couple of items that will recharge your battery — but with a twist.

Vodafone Booster Brolly

The Vodafone Booster Brolly may look and feel like a regular umbrella, but it’s actually a solar charger and signal booster in 1. It uses an antenna and low-power signal repeater to connect phones to its networks, with the added bonus of boosting the signals of all phones about the device. Solar cells are literally sewn into the umbrella material, enabling the product to be each lightweight and sturdy. Sadly, the Vodafone Booster Brolly isn’t offered for purchase just but, but don’t fret! There’s another alternative on the current market that we completely really like: the BioLite Campstove.

Campfire charger

The $ 129 BioLite Campstove is a lightweight gadget that enables you to charge your USB devices by burning wood. That’s appropriate — this handy stove is not only compact (weighing slightly far more than 2 pounds, at 8.25 inches high by 5 inches wide when packed), but it can cook your soup or boil your tea whilst charging your smartphone’s battery, all via the use of renewable biomass like twigs or pine cones. In a wilderness survival circumstance, this stove would prove a lot more reliable than solar, since it can be used day or night.

Download these apps prior to setting off

Hopefully you’ll never need to use this guide in a correct survival circumstance, but it’s nice to know that your smartphone can truly aid save your life. Of course, these apps will need to have to be downloaded onto your phone beforehand, but it may possibly be a very good thought to prepare oneself just before a camping trip or holiday away from civilization.

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