Many people around the world perceive Americans to be unfit, obese, and overindulgent when it comes to eating. Although Americans may be seen as lazy by other citizens of the world, this is not actually the case in many parts of the country. There are tons of cities in the United States that are actually home to some of the most fit and health conscious people in the world. Check out these top five fittest cities in America, and see exactly what makes them some of the healthiest places to live.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Residents of Minnesota are known to be some of the busiest bees in all of the United States of America, especially in the capital city of Minneapolis. Many people assume that since the city experiences such brutally cold winters, citizens of the city would stay indoors next to their cozy fireplaces all winter long. But this is actually not the case at all. More and more people in the city are ditching their cars and opting for public transportation, meaning they get out and about to stretch their legs more often.

Washington, D.C.

Although Washington, D.C. is no longer considered the fittest city in all of America, it still ranks as one of the highest in terms of fitness. With the beautiful park systems and winding trails throughout the nation’s capital, it is no wonder that running is one of the top activities for exercise. Chances are if you are out and about in the morning, you’ll see tons of people out for their morning runs. What better place to do this than through the iconic Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and the Washington Monument.

Seattle, Washington

Washington State’s Seattle has just about everything when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. It is nestled between the mountains and the ocean, and the city is a perfect place to walk for hours and explore. During the rainy season, people don’t just laze around inside. There are tons of gyms throughout the city, basically one around every corner. So between the great outdoors and the multitude of fitness centers throughout Seattle, it makes sense that it ranks as one of the most fit cities in America.

Madison, Wisconsin

In terms of personal health, the city of Madison in Wisconsin is considered to be one of the best in the country. Residents on average get a good seven hours of sleep each night, consume a good amount of fruits and vegetables throughout the day, and are generally in good physical health when it comes to strength and endurance.

Boulder, Colorado

Cities in Colorado have always been considered to be some of the healthiest in America, and Boulder has ranked as one of the top for many years now. There is an unlimited amount of outdoor activities throughout the city since it is surrounded by stunning mountains, and the obesity rate of the residents is less than 13% – much lower than the country average. The brisk mountain air doesn’t stop people from enjoying the outdoors; most people here regularly hit the slopes to get their hearts racing and blood pumping.