Everyone says that the first step to getting a quality job with good benefits and job security is to first receive a good education. But this isn’t always a feasible option for everyone…the cost of attending college in the United States has become outrageous, and it is preventing more and more people from receiving the education they deserve. Getting the job of your dreams is typically determined by whether or not you have received a degree, and the prestigiousness of the university you attended is also taken into account.

Don’t let the high cost of receiving your degree stop you though, you always have the option to take out student loans. There are also a decent amount of more affordable university that offer a much lower out-of-state tuition cost than the average school. Check out these five budget-friendly colleges with more reasonable tuition expectations.

Southern University in New Orleans, Louisiana

Located just outside of New Orleans, Southern University is a historical college for African Americans looking for an affordable education. The school was founded in 1880, and is funded by the Thurgood Marshall College Fund as a way to keep tuition costs low. On average, the annual out-of-state tuition at SUNO is just under $5,000.

Chadron State University in Chadron, Nebraska

If you are looking for one of the most affordable schools in the U.S., look no further. Chadron State College in Nebraska asks for an average of $5,500 per year for out-of-state tuition costs. It is a relatively small school with about 3,000 students and 25 major buildings on campus. There is a wide range of degrees you can receive from Chadron, varying from liberal arts to business to applied sciences and social sciences.

Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, Mississippi

Itta Bena’s Mississippi Valley State University averages out-of-state tuition costs just under $6,000 annually.  You can choose between degrees in arts and sciences, professional studies, and education and there is also a large graduate program. If you are interested in joining a fraternity or sorority in order to make life-long friends, the Greek society at MVSU is fairly large. You’ll get the chance to show your school spirit at the many sporting events on campus.

Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota

Minot State University in North Dakota was founded in 1913, and it is the third largest university in the state offering both undergrad and graduate degrees. There are over sixty undergrad majors you can choose from, ranging from liberal arts to professional degrees. It is a small school, with under 4,000 students, but the price can’t be beat. The out-of-state tuition averages to about $6,000 each year.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University in Goodwell, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Panhandle State University is located in Goodwell and offers both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. The university is comprised of three schools: the College of Agriculture, the College of Business, and the College of Arts and Education. Its main focus is on agricultural programs, including just about every farming-related industry.