In recent years, the number of successful business ventures has increased tenfold. With huge advancements in the online and technological world, new business ideas appear everyday – some of which become thriving companies. In 2018, there are definitely trends when it comes to which businesses succeed and which businesses flop. Check out the top four most profitable small business ventures of this year.

Website Design

Every single successful business needs a proper website, whether you want to admit it or now. If you are starting your own small business and have no idea how to design your company’s website, chances are you have looked into website design services or contacted someone you know who is familiar with the world of website design. There is a huge need for these services, so it makes sense that businesses and individuals who specialize in designing websites for other clients are quite successful.

It costs essentially nothing to get a website design business up-and-running, and rates for some of the top design companies are fairly high. As long as you have a computer, internet access, a creative mind and a willingness to learn the ropes of the design world, you can even start your own freelance business, and find clients willing to pay for your services.

Consulting Services

Business consulting services is another business venture that has essentially no overhead costs and is cheap to keep up and running. Finding potential clients will be the most difficult aspect, especially once you first start – but there are tons of methods for marketing yourself and your consulting services. Although finding the clients can be challenging, it is well worth it because potential clients are willing to pay consultants a hefty amount for the right business advice. This venture is not for everyone, however, since you do need a decent amount of education when it comes to business development.

Personal Training

No matter what, there will always be a need for personal trainers. There will always be people out in the world willing to pay someone to lead them on the road to better health and physical fitness. As long as you consider yourself fit and healthy, receiving the certifications and licenses you need in order to start training other people isn’t too difficult. Once again, the cost of getting started is fairly low, and you can charge clients a decent hourly rate for signing up to train with you. There are plenty of options to work in gyms and fitness centers, but you are much better off financially if you choose to work independently.

Food Trucks

Similar to personal training, there will always be a need for dining services. The food trucking industry has become especially lucrative in the past decade or so – everyone likes a delicious quality meal that comes from an authentic food truck on the side of the road. When you start a restaurant, the overhead costs are extremely high, but food trucks are a great way to start your business for much less. If you offer a unique and yummy menu and park your truck in a high walking-traffic area, you should be able to make a decent income.