When it comes to Italy, there is a general consensus among travelers around the globe that Italian food is some of the best in the world. Who doesn’t love a creamy pasta or cheesy pizza? In Italy, you’ll find something to satisfy your hunger around every street corner, and the number of top-rated world renowned restaurants is too many to count. You could easily Google search which restaurants are recommended in your area, but do your best to check out the local hotspots that are not frequented by tons of tourists. Start off by checking out these under-the-radar restaurants throughout all of Italy.

Pagnanelli near southeast Rome

The impressive Pagnanelli restaurant can be found on the shores of Lago Albano just twenty kilometers southeast of Rome. If Rome is on your Italian itinerary, making the quick drive to this restaurant is a must-do activity. Not only will you be surrounded by picturesque views of the lake and countryside as you sit down to enjoy your meal, you’ll get a chance to try some of the most delectable food in the area. The restaurant is situated right next to the summer villa of the Pope, and famous icons from all over the world have sat on the Pagnanelli terrace enjoying wine and food, including Robert De Niro, Nicolas Cage, Justin Timberlake, and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Osteria di Passignano just outside of Florence

The Osteria di Passignano restaurant is actually within the walls of an ancient monastery that originated in the year 395. The Vallombrosan Order monks still live there to this day, so you’ll get the chance to learn about medieval times and Italy of the past. The restaurant was founded in 2000 and features authentic Tuscan cuisine and aged wine originating from the surrounding vineyards. You can even sign up for classes in the cooking school if you are interested in learning about classic Italian food.

Amerigo 1934 in Savigno

Amerigo 1934 is located in the small town of Savigno, about 40 miles southwest of Bologna. The main draw of this restaurant is the chef’s use of truffles, which pair perfectly with the homemade pasta. It has been around since 1934, so you know it has to be a top option in Italy. The people that dine here rave about the simplicity of each dish, but also the deliciousness. Just about all of the ingredients come from the nearby vegetable patch and farmhouse, moving from farm to table the very same day it hits your stomach.

La Locanda di Pietracupa

This restaurant is located within the walls of a charming bed and breakfast found in Poggio, Italy. If you get the chance, you should book a night or two at the B&B, but if not definitely stop in for a meal. The food is best known for being authentic Tuscan cuisine, but usually with a unique twist. Be sure to book your table in advance, it is the most popular restaurant in the area amongst its guests as well as travelers passing through.