Yet another Google Make Over : A New Google Bar

Its been six months because Google started coming up with there new makeover, homepage, Gmail also gets a new look, Google Docs. Whilst carrying out these modifications it came up with a black nav bar on the top rated of every page displaying its all items.

Google Another Google Make Over : A New Google Bar

Old Nav Bar

Right now Google announced a new alter in it, now with the new adjust It is dumping this black nav bar with a cool drop down menu in logo. Anytime you hover your mouse more than the logo it will show a menu displaying its all products, you can access the additional products by clicking on “more” link at the bottom of the menu. Google+ notifications will be shown on the right side with a share button.

Although the black nav bar was quite annoying as it keeps scrolling with the web page, and covers up the upper part of the web page. Now the new thought of displaying the menu drop down is a fantastic idea which surely gonna offer tiny much more space to the page. As per the changes are user friendly then I don’t the alterations will have any harm. Here is a Intro about the new Google Bar

Examine the official page for the more info on new Google Bar at Google’s Blog 

What you feel about this entire new concept and design of Google, share your views about it.

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