Very best Selling Video Games for 10 Diverse Consoles

A video game refers to an electronic game that one can play on a video output device which requires an interaction in between personal computer and the human. These games can be played on human versus human (typically referred to as a 2 player game) or human versus an artificially intelligent algorithm (referred to as a solo game). The electronic systems that are used to play such games are termed as consoles. Every console has a distinct output device (tv, monitor, projector and so on) associated to it. Each and every game has its own hardware specifications, therefore the variation in the platforms.

Some of the common platforms over the final couple of decades are Microsoft Xbox, Sony Play Station, Nintendo Wii, Sega Mega drive or even the private laptop or computer. We have listed 10 most selling games  for ten various gaming consoles.

ten. PS3’s Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo five (GT5) for PS3 sold 6.37 million copies across the globe. This is the most selling game for PS3, a gaming console launched by Sony on November 11, 2006. Considering that then Gran Turismo 5 has been the most promoting game for the console. This is the 5th version of GT and was launched on November 24, 2010. GT is a racing game which offers various choices which includes Planet Rally Championship, NASCAR and Super GT. Over 1,000 automobiles, 26 various places, and 71 diverse tracks are accessible in the game along with the featured night driving element.

9. Atari’s Pac-Man

Atari 2600 was released in October 1977, creating itself one of the oldest gaming consoles sold commercially. Atari 2600 brought the idea of producing plug and play games for the consoles in which we can plug in a cartridge and it would have the game coded on it, just like we use CDs for playing games nowadays. Pacman is the most sold game for Atari. Above 7 million copies of the games have been sold to date only for the console of Atari. Pacman is nonetheless loved equally by the kids and the grownups.

8. Xbox’s Halo 2

Xbox is the 6th generation gaming console released in November 15, 2001. The creator of Xbox is the extremely renowned Microsoft which stepped into the gaming planet with this being its very first item. Halo two is FPS (First individual shooter) game which was released on November 05, 2004. Halo two is the second installment of the game Halo released in 2001. The game is based on a human and alien fight in which the primary character of the game can use human and alien weaponry along with various vehicles as he progresses by way of the game. 8 million copies of Halo 2 have been sold till now.

7. Xbox 360’s Call of Duty: Black Ops

Microsoft Xbox 360 is the predecessor of Microsoft Xbox and was launched on February 2003 and is equipped with much more heavy hardware which can fulfill any game’s requirement of present day. Till now 55 million copies of the console have been sold. Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most promoting game of this console which was launched as late as November 09, 2010 and within only the very first 24 hours, the game had sold 7 million copies. In total, the sales are above 12 million and increasing by the day. The game is the seventh installment of the COD (Call of duty) line. Graphics wise, this game is stated to have the best 1 ever in FPS genre.

6. PC’s The Sims

The computer systems that we use in our daily lives had been not precisely constructed for gaming  but given that 1990’s there have been a significant improvement in this field as well. The Sims is the most sold game on Pc platform. The total shipped volumes are deemed to be around 16 million in number. The game is generally a strategic life simulation game and was released 1st on February 04, 2000. Just in two years, the game had sold around 6.5 million copies. Sims has won numerous awards such as the game of the year award back in 2000.

five. PS2’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Sony Play Station 2, termed frequently as PS2, is second in the line in the Sony Play Station series and was 1st launched in March 2000. The PS2 is the greatest promoting console obtaining sold over 150 million units. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (abbreviated as GTA: SA) is an open world action game and was initially released in October 2004 and has sold 17.33 million copies. The distinctive reality about the game is that as the game progresses, the player gets points for every thing he does. Be it driving, operating, shooting, the points are earned which add to the abilities.

4. Sega Mega Drive/Genesis’s Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega Mega Drive was launched in 1988 in Japan and immediately after a year in America, it was launched by the name of Genesis. Sonic was launched for Sega/Genesis platform in 1991. Sonic is a 2D game in which a blue hedgehog jumps about and collects rings and fights against an evil scientist. 19 million copies of the games have been sold.

three. Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

Nintendo Entertainment Program was released in 1985. Amongst several games, Super Mario Bros is the most sold game of Nintendo. A total of 40.24 million copies have been sold for the game. Practically all of us would have played this game in which Mario jumps around, collecting coins and stepping on the walking mushrooms and turtles in his quest to set the princess free of charge from the evil dragon.

two. Wii’s Wii Sports

Wii is a Nintendo’s item launched in November 2006. The games for this platform mostly use the motion sensors and generate a movement on the game by detecting the movement of the human body. Perfect for numerous sports’ simulation, Wii Sports have sold as a lot as (76.76 million copies. A player can use a Wii remote to mimic actions to perform.

1. Mobile Phone’s Tetris

A game of blocks in which we have to set distinct shapes of blocks in such a way that no empty slot is left in a row. Finishing a row disappears it and hence space is designed for far more blocks to come. Tetris has been produced for almost every single console by different developers. Only on mobile devices, the game has sold a 100 million+ copies. The game was first made in 1984.

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