Techonology With Couponing – How?

The current economic downfall, uncertain job market place, massive unemployment and homelessness have created a new generation of men and women: intense couponers. These are men and women who’ve taken couponing to such an extent, that the logic behind couponing is fairly much lost. Stacy Smith, an extreme couponer in Charleston, South Carolina has stashed boxes of goods in each and every corner of her apartment, goods that she got at wonderful discounts owing to coupons. She’s not stocking up for famine or a hurricane. It is the coupon frenzy. Are you an extreme couponer?

Couponing Techonology With Couponing – How?


Discount devotees are those that are continuously hunting for the subsequent very good deal. They join on-line communities involving in collectively unearthing and swapping paper, mobile and digital coupons. Clever shoppers among these know how to combine dozens of coupons and get things in quantity, often at no price at all. Others, although, handle to spend 10 times as much as they would usually invest, just due to the fact the coupons are begging to the reclaimed.

WHY DO People Become Extreme COUPONERS?

Proof of this trend if the truth that coupon redemption improved by 27% from 2008 to 2009. Is this just about saving funds? Men and women can’t resist a freebie for instance a TRX goodie or eReleases promo code. If it is possible, via the use of coupons, to get 100 boxes of tissues totally free, then the couponer is going to get it. Never thoughts if this causes shortage of goods, or if there’s no space in their properties to store the goods. One particular specific couponer amassed so many coupons for eggs that she’s now forced to add lemon juice to them and freeze them.


There are bargains after bargains and far more and more folks are getting addicted to couponing. Coupon devotees trade data on newest offers. They actively network on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Couponing, which starts its roots humbly in the realm of frugality, has led to intense competitiveness. All you have to do is verify the message boards on or to get an concept of this phenomenon. Couponing web sites are not far behind when it comes to encouraging this mania. Internet sites that earn income through online advertisements actually launch competitions and contests to determine the savviest couponer who spends the least in a month on necessities. Some couponers actually stockpile groceries that they acquire through extreme couponing, and sell them at garage sales at a little profit. Some people donate their excess goods to homeless shelters and animal shelters. Nonetheless, most of these extreme couponers appear to fail to understand that even even though they’re saving lots of cash on goods, they’re losing income on the volume of acquire.


Spending budget-conscious consumers and manic coupon devotees are sweeping through coupon internet sites for deals every single second. This behavior has led to an upsurge in the development of coupon sites, with growing memberships. There’s an improved incidence of counterfeit coupons for groceries, because both customers and crooks are prepared to take benefit of the circumstance.

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