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SPAR Zephyr 300 Bluetooth Speaker

This is a tiny black box that is created to function as a wireless speaker. It is roughly the same size as a Smartphone except for the thickness. This is an excellent way to take music off a compatible Bluetooth device. No doubt there are many Bluetooth speakers out there but the Zephyr 300 is different in that it can also serve as a USB charger. It is now attainable for one particular to listen to tunes with no headphones whilst one’s cell phone is charging.

Sony Ericsson Xperia active

Quite a few rugged and hard phones have been noticed in the past but none of them are undoubtedly eye catching as the Sony Ericsson Xperia active, which is powered by Android. Individuals with particularly active lifestyles will certainly benefit from this gadget given that such men and women will no doubt have moments in their lives when they will make blunders such as dropping their valuable Smartphone to the floor. This gadget has a dustproof case and is water resistant hence it will be in a position to absorb most of these mistakes. In addition the telephone has a wet finger tracking that make certain one continues to text or do other function even in the rain.

Optrix HD Sport Mount Latest Audio, Video And Accessory Gadgets

Optrix HD Sport Mount

It is extremely apparent that gadgets such as the iPhone 4 and iPod touch are very desirable and boasts of all engineering design genius. Nonetheless, it also goes without having saying that such gadgets come are usually very fragile. There is no want to be overly worried now since there is a new gadget that provides protection. The Optrix HD Sport Mount is the initial ever weatherproof situation that has been designed to transform the iPod and the iPhone into a camera of action sports.

Mini Rechargeable USB Turntable

Today’s younger generation is probably not aware what a turntable is and there are probabilities that most children do not know how a tape is operated. They can’t be blamed because most men and women have moved on with the occasions. The Mini Rechargeable USB Turntable is a fusion of past and present technology. At first glance this gadget could appear as a briefcase but when a single opens it up it reveals a high high quality turntable that is belt driven. T also has its own internal speakers that will provide one the chance to listen to music wherever they are.


This is a brilliant potent gadget that enables a single to swim like a dolphin and fly like a bird. This gadget uses water to propel itself. The Flyboard does not place all the force on the rear, but puts the thrust on boots. Apart from that, the user hands are jet-like hence the user is capable of some seriously wonderful stunts. To see how impressive it really is, 1 can watch a video of it after the jump. 1 will notice that the user can in actual fact fly above the water just like a bird and swim like a fish in the water.

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