iPhone Apps to Aid You Maintain Track of Your Mail

iphone Apps to Track of Your Mail

As a little company owner, you are anticipated to be in several places at the identical time or keep track of ten various things at the exact same time. What can you do when you’re outside the office but nonetheless want to verify on what’s going on? Thankfully, various iOS apps have been developed to support the busy webmasters and tech savvy organization owners to keep in touch with the workplace operations on the go. Here are a few apps to support you keep  track of your shipments. If you have an eCommerce website, you will uncover these apps to be of tremendous assist.

FedEx Mobile

Employing FedEx Mobile is very effortless. You just input the tracking quantity and you can get up-to-date data.  A helpful feature of this app is the ability to personalize the view. You can nickname shipments, add notes or create a watch list for monitoring your most important shipments.

You can also view and manage shipments that were sent using FedEx Ship Manager by means of your iPhone or iPad. The app will also alert you of pick delivery exceptions. This app is currently straight linked to the web site that is tailor fit to function with your device for far more comfort.

UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile is a easy tool that lets you track details for any shipment on your iPhone with out logging in. This is applicable to package or freight shipments.  You can assign shipment nicknames making use of your My UPS ID. You can also access your address book and payment info from the internet site by logging in.

By employing your phone’s GPS, you can uncover the nearest UPS service location for your convenience. You can also request for quotes on estimated shipment expenses and delivery instances or even selecting the correct UPS service for your shipments.

Delivery Status Touch

Delivery Status Touch is a tracking app developed by Junecloud. It has received many praises from Gizmodo, O’Reilly, Wired App Guide and Macworld. This app supports more than 30 solutions like the top carriers in the world such as UPS, TNT, FedEx, DHL, USPS,  etc.  Amazon, Apple, Adobe and Google Checkout are also supported.

If your service provider is not included in the list, just pick “Other”, enter the delivery date and site. The app will track the web site for you and will let you know of any developments.

The main view of this app shows the latest status of your package. A countdown until the estimated delivery date can also be noticed. To get information on a delivery, just tap a transaction and you can view the shipping company’s internet page or see exactly where your package is on a map.

Creating a Junecloud account enables you to update your tracking numbers from any web browser or sync with the Dashboard widget for Mac.


TrackThis is an app from Fragmented Tech that monitors your packages and sends you updates using push notifications. TrackThis supports UPS, FedEx, USPS, TNT, DHL, Aramex, Canada Post, CEVA, UK City Link.

You can view a list of your packages, their corresponding status and the estimated delivery date in your phone using this app. You can add, edit or delete a package right from your iPhone. You can sync your packages on the phone and the web by signing in to your UseTrackThis.com account. If you don’t want to be updated each now and then, set the package to only send notifications when it is out for delivery, is already delivered or delayed.

These are only a few tracking apps. There are a number of more apps that are accessible on the AppStore that can help you monitor your posts. Select the best a single that enables you to maximize your productivity

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