Invisible T-shirt Breakthrough

An eco-style brand has taken an innovative approach to the situation of transparency and traceability within the style business by establishing a new fabric that can make t-shirts seem invisible.

In partnership with the University of The Isle of Wight, eco-style brand Rapanui has taken the light transmitting properties of optic fibres and woven a jersey fabric to generate an invisible t-shirt. The technologies captures light on one particular side of a garment and relays it on to the opposite side.

The research has been around for a long time but the principle is truly rather straightforward – to take light from the front of the garment and relay it to the back – and vice versa. Optic fibres are simply light conductive threads. They capture the light in the space immediately surrounding the garment and relay them by way of the threads. If you can direct this light straight out of the shirt, the outcome is a vivid perception of invisibility.

Happy April Fool’s Day from all of us here at CBI! )

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