How to Unlock iPhone on iOS 5..1 Effortlessly

Unlock iPhone

So you have installed the custom constructed iOS 5..1 on your iPhone and now could be wondering how to unlock it. If you do not already have installed iOS 5..1 and most importantly the Jailbroken version, then you want to  Jailbreak your iPhone first, only then will this tutorial operate for you. When the custom iOS five..1 i.e the Jailbroken 1 is installed the device will be locked.

Now adhere to the methods to unlock your device:


If you have not downloaded Redsnow however then download Redsn0w .9.10b1. (Windows – Mac OS X). Now, open Redsnow.exe.


Make confident your device in is DFU mode and linked to your technique. If you do not know how to enter DFU mode then take a appear at this “How to Enter DFU Mode” tutorial.


Now click on “Jailbreak” then “Set up Cydia” like shown in the pictures below:




STEP five:

The iOS 5..1 untethered jailbroken will take a few minutes.


Immediately after the jailbreak process has finished, launch the newly installed ‘Cydia’ application that is present on your iPhone’s Springboard.


The expected repository comes as default with Cydia, but for education purposes to add a repo you will need to tap on ‘Handle‘ tab, followed by ‘Sources‘ and then lastly select ‘Add‘. Right after finishing those methods an alert will pop up with the title ‘Enter Cydia/APT URL‘.

STEP 8: 

Add the following URL into the pop up alert – – then choose ‘Add Source‘.


STEP 9: 

Right after Cydia has completed refreshing and adding packages, tap on the above mentioned repo and set up the Ultrasn0w utility.  If you cant discover it try looking thourgh the iphone search solution. Congratulations, you are now the owner of an unlocked iPhone. Nevertheless can’t jailbreak? Clarify the issues in the comments section below.

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