EyeMusic for blind to “See With Ears”

A group of scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed a device called EyeMusic, designed for folks who were unable to see the planet with my own eyes. The authors of this creation is called sensory substitution device it and add that with the support of his blind individuals can quickly and accurately navigate in space and can effortlessly perform different operations.

The device operates on the principle EyeMusic replacement audio visual data, that is, transforms what he sees sighted men and women in the music. In my perform unit uses a range of musical tones and ranges to develop a precise combination of melodies and sounds, various for each and every of the objects of the environment. For example, using EyeMusic people can distinguish an apple from a banana or an orange from a lemon, barely touching the fruit.

The device itself looks like normal sunglasses. They mounted a special camera that “sees” every little thing that is next to the man, and passes this data on particular sensors. They approach the information and convert them into sounds. The camera continuously scans all he sees.

A important feature of the device EyeMusic is that it permits us to distinguish not only objects, but even the colors – every shade assigned a tone. Portal Gizmag.com also reports that the built-in camera can figure out the distance to specified objects and objects of the environment. Generated sounds are fed to the headphones.

The device has passed EyeMusic series of tests in the study of Jerusalem scientists. In the experiments, participated a group of 18 individuals who can not see. Every single of the experimental glasses he wore on his EyeMusic, checking them in, and in each situation, the device showed itself at its best.

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