Bangladesh Introuduces $130 “Doel” Laptops : World’s Least expensive Laptop

So after India launches the initial least expensive tablet “Aakash”, Its the time for Bangladesh to do some thing. Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina launches the laptop named “Doel” which is the first laptop made in this Country. It is claimed to be globe’s cheapest laptop which only price about $ 130 (10,000 taka) which runs on Android Operating Method. The state-owned telecoms organization Telephone Shilpa Sangstha (TSS) is producing four models of the laptop.

Doel Bangladesh Introuduces $  130 Doel Laptops : Worlds Cheapest Laptop

Initially, the laptop will be distributed to a variety of government departments, and later on they will be created offered to the public and to tens millions of students.

Mr Ismail said that:

At the moment Bangladesh is creating 10% of the elements for the laptop and the rest are imported. But inside six months we will be capable to generate 60% of the components

Even government has launched strategy, known as Digital Bangladesh, with the aim of digitally connecting the nation by 2021. To come up with the difficulty of low World wide web Connectivity

Sheikh Hasina stated:

Every component of the country will be brought below e-governance, while the telecommunication method is getting modernised to reduce the digital divide,”  throughout the inauguration.

Let’s see how successful it is going to be. Lets hope for the best for Bangladesh.

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