Airplane is Searching for Energy Wasters

Thermogram of a property: where the heat escapes?

How a lot heat escapes from buildings? In the town of Bocholt examined with a plane to poorly insulated roofs – house owners should be advised of deficiencies.

Bocholt / Hamburg – From an airplane with a thermal imaging camera has made the city of Bocholt identify poorly insulated roofs. At the inspection in February, 700 homes were struck by the lack of insulation, divided the city in the country with Munster on Tuesday.

The administration had written to the affected home owners and advised of their power-efficiency applications. The Environmental Officer Angela Theurich said that the infrared manage from a small Airplane was an “unprecedented action in Germany.”

According to calculations by experts, homeowners can drastically save power: in distinct, the insulation of walls, much better shutter boxes or renovated masonry could support to save fees.

The federal government is already organizing far more stringent requirements for energy efficiency: according to the Federal Developing plans for new buildings will soon be topic to strict guidelines .Amongst other items, triple-glazed windows and basement ceilings are insulated better. For the renovation of old buildings nevertheless apply but the old guidelines.

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