A Assessment about newest Nokia Lumia 800

There are so several amazing brands of Nokia mobile phones, nevertheless it has come up with diverse and latest versions. Now Nokia has come up with Windows Smart Phone and that is Nokia Lumia 800. It is 1 of the coolest devices ever built by Nokia and operating with Windows 7.5. It has so a lot of very good apps, a high resolution screen, a faster processor and high mega pixel camera. Nokia Lumia does not limit itself in some particular region rather it’s an all rounder wise phone.

Nokia Lumia 800 ma 2037970c A Review about latest Nokia Lumia 800
It has been created in slim shape simply because men and women typically like slim and wise phones. It is made up of poly carbonate that makes it feel like a challenging and smooth phone. It is larger than the iphone 4s and looks great in black but also accessible in different colors also. Its large sufficient also containing a capacitive AMOLED screen with high resolution pixels of 480 X 800.

Diverse features:
Nokia Lumia 800 has constructed in 16 GB of memory. It is enough for most of the men and women but Nokia desires to boost it to some extent. That is why they introduced a microSD card into it though Windows Telephone doesn’t have it. Because all the Windows Phones have Zune software program which is associated to the music, Lumia also has Nokia music of its own. It will organize all the tasks such as managing of tracks by artist, playlist, album and so forth. You can also take pleasure in Mix Radio into it. With the help of Wi-Fi connection, it will stream all the music and you can take pleasure in streamed playlist of your own option. Constructed in FM is also present in it with outstanding top quality of audio with a headphone jack of three.5mm.
The quality of camera is also extremely very good obtaining 8 mega pixels sensor, functions of auto focusing and a dual LED flash. It has some light difficulties, but in the course of daylight, it operates fine and remarkable outcomes of the images can be noticed. You can also record videos with 729 HD resolutions. Some additional features will be added in near future such as front camera like that on the HTC radar.
Nokia Lumia 800 has also a long lasting battery that saves considerably of its energy. It is about 1450mAh which is sufficient for the complete day. Nonetheless, for most of the men and women who use the mobile with wonderful care, it will be running for extended time as effectively
As compared to the Windows Phones, Nokia Phones are also playing excellent job. Its price is comparatively less than iphone 4s. It has a great operating system. Considering that men and women like that variety of telephone in which they want all characteristics in one particular gadget, it has been created by maintaining in view the customer’s requirements. There are also a lot of Nokia windows phones but Lumia is comparatively less high-priced. It has multi touch input approach that will make individuals impress. It is simpler than Android.
Throughout these days, a survey shows that Android Phones manage 52.5 percent of the smart telephone in the industry whereas The Apple iOS is making use of 15.6 percent according to the analysts Gartner Dataquest.

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