6 crazy or weird Android apps

Are you organizing to make your class lively by playing some pranks without letting anyone know that you are going to be the culprit? Then this is the post that you must not fail to read to learn far more about funny applications, which can really lead to tantrums producing men and women turn crazy! Let us discover them with each other!

best android apps 1 6 crazy or weird Android apps

1. Applause:

Now you can applause in a classic and fashionable way making use of your Android telephone that is enabled with this application. This will permit you to buzz a single of the diverse sounds that are becoming stored, and select the a single that will suit the occasion and make absolutely everyone laugh. Of course, do not embarrass anybody!

Download: Applause

2. Dumb Queries:

Properly, surprise and entertain you and your buddies with a round of game of dumb inquiries to win some awesome and funny inquiries, and make men and women wonder how do you feel so dumb? But a single word of caution is that you want to hold your children away from this application for they are constantly already complete of concerns that you can’t answer. Some of the examples of dumb concerns will consist of “Why is not there a mouse flavored cat food?” and “How come incorrect numbers are never busy?”

Download: Dumb Inquiries

3. Jokes:

This is a very valuable application that can in fact make you laugh when you want to cry and what is far more excellent about this application is that you can contribute jokes and make other people laugh. Generating other people laugh is a heavenly gift. This application also makes it possible for you to send sms of the jokes that you enjoyed studying.

Download: Jokes

4. Questionable Content material Browser:

Who will not enjoy a comic strip? And, if you are of the kind who loves studying comic strips, then this is the application that has been exclusively committed to you. This also makes it possible for the customers to browse the websites in a rapidly and straightforward way.

Download: Questionable Content material

five. WTF!Facts:

If you are thinking of amusing oneself to get began on a heated discussion then this application, which is going to trigger you to be a great starter in a group discussion. This application tells you all types of facts that are amusing and you can save these preferred details, which amused you!

Download: WTF! Details

6. Zebra Paint:

When you are feeling lonely or want to invest some time for oneself, then this is the application that will entertain you. This application will allow you to paint with your fingers, and you will be marveled at the energy of what your fingers can draw. Have some enjoyable and appreciate each and every moment you use this application. Use the menu button to pick one particular of the dozen built-in templates and all this will call for is a touch screen mobile that even a kid can play with this application.

Download: Zebra Paint

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