What is SQL Injection [Infographic]

What is SQL Injection

In the globe of World wide web information technology, one continual framework that underlies practically each and every application and internet platform is the database. Whether it is an e-commerce, social media, productivity or any other sort of application used on the net, numerous lines of info are stored in some type of database, which signifies that in the situation that a malicious attack targets that database, otherwise known as an SQL Injection attack, anyone and everyone who has info in that database will be vulnerable to an attack.

This can consist of vulnerable sensitive details such as credit card number, social security numbers, or other monetary data. And you don’t have to be a software developer or hardcore tech business to be affected by an SQL Injection in fact, SQL Injection is one of the most prevalent sorts of internet application security vulnerabilities.

This infographic, What is SQL Injection, serves as a tutorial on how to identify if you’re vulnerable to an SQL Injection, and how to steer clear of it:

What is SQL Injection

Infographic developed by Veracode, authorities on flash security.

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