Top ten Cost-free Android Games of 2012

Free Android Games

If you are a gaming freak then the Android OS is all what you want for your phone. There are over 4.five million apps available on the Android OS and this quantity keeps on increasing at an exponential rate. There are a lot of games of available in Play store but it becomes very a hard activity to select the greatest ones from them specially given the diverse genre that the apps cover. 

So, to ease this job for you we have compiled the list of Leading 10 Free of charge Android Games of 2012.

1. Temple Run

This is one particular of the most addictive games in this list. The game is developed by Imangi Studios and the rules are really straightforward – run, run and run. The a lot more you run, the far more you score and the a lot more you score the far better you are deemed.

two. Fruit Ninja Free of charge

This game is all about slicing fruits without cutting off the bombs that are thrown to you. The game is offered in three distinct modes. It is total enjoyable and will surely hold you entertained for a while.

3. Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey is developed for developing your reflexes. This game is basic, you have to defend your purpose and hit your opponent’s aim. The game can even be played in multiplayer mode.

four. Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is the successor of Glow Hockey 1 and there are very a lot of new alterations in this version of the game. Glow Hockey two is obtaining a relatively a lot more theme but the rules are same.

5. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the in no way dying game. The game is basic throw the frogs out of the birds’ territory by hook or by crook. There are a lot of items to explore in this game.

6. Basketball

Basketball is a fairly new game but it is carrying out fine in the Play retailer. The game is easy, drag your finger on the screen and get a basket. The game gets tougher with each passing level.

7. Angry Birds Space

It is the revamped and much more electrifying version of the Angry Birds. The game requires you to an outer planet, it practically does. Angry Birds Space has a lot of astronomical physics but it is naturally produced so simple for the players that even a five years old kid loves it.

eight. Mega Jump

It’s a kind of free of charge version of the Doodle Jump. The game is simple, maintain jumping upwards with no falling and at the same time you have to gather coins. The more coins you collect, the a lot more you score.

9. Turbo Fly 3D

This is a totally free game which makes it possible for you to take a full test of your device’s sensors. You have to manage your plane by tilting your device.

10. Whack Your Boss II

If you hate your boss, then take this hatred to the next level with this game. This game offers you far more than 20 techniques to whack your boss, each and every way is genuinely electrifying. It is totally free to download.

Thanks Patrick (an Android lover who lives in the United Kingdom. In addition to utilizing his Android he is a babysitter. You can also understand the babysitting tricks from Babyworld UK which is a totally free source of babysitting understanding).

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