Is Rihanna The Most Well-known Artist on Youtube?

rihanna on youtube

Are you wondering if Rihanna can possibly be the most viewed artist on Youtube? Just have a look at these couple of statistics of some of her performances that have been uploaded to Youtube:

  1. What’s My name: 229,001,733 hits
  2. Only girl in the planet: 204,012,960 hits
  3. We identified love: 112,791 931 hits

And if you believe views in the hundreds of millions are a lot for videos that have been up for months or even a year, just feel about what will be the final results right after a year for You da 1.  Released only 4 weeks ago, it has currently had 26,728,296 views. Just do the arithmetic: 6.6 million viewers per week, which is almost a single million (955,000) per day.

What’s my Name was released a year ago, and is “only” at 229 million.  At the current rate, this most recent release will reach almost 350 million hits in a single year.  Rihanna’s Youtube popularity can not be denied.

Promotion on YouTube

Youtube made it straightforward for ordinary people to self promote, or just share videos with friends. It has produced it incredibly simple for a specialist artist to create a sturdy following.  Granted, numerous, if not most of the Rihanna views have to be of repeated ones, given that, of the estimated 2.1 billion web users in the planet, there are only 272 million web customers in North America. But Youtube music videos are becoming the MTV of the computer age.  They let music lovers to watch and listen to their preferred artists prior to, or without having, purchasing the album.  MTV created its income from advertisers, which is sort of ironic considering that the shows were practically 1 large advertisement for the artists getting showcased.

Now Youtube is working with the same model, and you cannot open a Youtube video without a 1 to two minute ad first.  Youtube was responsible for an estimate $ 1billion of Google’s total revenues (precise figures are not accessible since Youtube is a subsidiary of Google, who only reports consolidated figures). Not bad for a company that was not even turning a profit in 2010.

In case you were asking yourself, artists like Rihanna do not pay to have their videos on Youtube, any a lot more than the mom who uploads videos of her cute kid’s antics. As a matter of fact, in the situation of seriously common artists, and we surely have to say that Rihanna is one of these, Youtube will pay them for the privilege of carrying their music videos. We do not know how a lot these payments are, but in Rihanna’s situation, even at a few cents a video, it would be a fortune!

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