If you have dreams of one day being a police officer it is important to look and learn from those who are already doing this job to a high standard. My friend Ryan Shephard is a perfect example of this, a police officer who has arrested and brought charges against many people during his career but also one who has done lots of wonderful work in the community. We need great police officer in order to enforce the law and protect us, and Ryan is a perfect example of that. Today I want to look at Ryan’s attributes and what it is that makes him such a great officer of the law.


Ryan perfectly blends being a kind police officer who wants to help the community and being a police officer who knows when he needs to get tough on criminals. In fact in many situations when Ryan is engaging in a situation which could be problematic, his strategic approach and forward thinking often means that he can diffuse such a situation before it is out of control.


When I talk about the work that Ryan does in the community it is important to note that the reason why he is so good at this aspect of the job is thanks to the empathy that he shows. Ryan is from the local area so he understands very well the challenges that many people face. Ryan’s work with youngsters in the area has been exemplary and the reason why he is able to bridge the gap with these young boys and girls is because of the empathy that he has for their situations.


Enforcing the law can be done in many different ways but surely the best way is a fair one, and this is something which Ryan has always done. Regardless of what the crime is or who has committed it, Ryan always ensures that he treats everyone the same, in accordance with the law.

Committed to People

I always knew that Ryan would end up in the services, in fact when he was younger he actually wanted to be a doctor. The reason why we were all so sure about this was because he has always cared for others and always been concerned about the plight of others. This desire to help is exactly why he is a police officer and also why he prides himself on serving and protecting his community.


To be good at your job when you have a high pressure career such as working for the police, you must be committed and dedicated. This is something which Ryan possesses and he is always the first person through the door and the last person out. Ryan’s dedication is exemplary and this is why he is greatly respected amongst his peers and his colleagues. If you want to be the best at a job like this, you have to show huge levels of commitment.