NVIDIA’s Next Generation GPUs to Ramp Up Ultrabooks

NVIDIA new generation GPU for Ultrabooks

NVIDIA took the wrappers off the firm’s next-generation graphics processor unit last month for both desktop PCs and the upcoming Ultrabooks. This new graphics processing unit is based on the business’s new Kepler graphics architecture. The new chips are created to deliver extreme high quality 3D gaming performance (even for modern day games operating on DX11). On the other hand these new chips permit higher levels of power efficiency and much less noise.

The business launched its new GeForce GTX 680 and GeForce GT 640M GPUs, apart from the bigger GeForce 600M family effectively introducing the first-ever GPUs based on its next-generation Kepler architecture in the market place. These 28-nm, low-energy chips are being aggressively targeted at desktop gaming and Ultrabook markets by NVIDIA.

The ultrabooks which will feature these chips that run this new architecture would surely appreciate some added battery life, low heat and much less noise all thanks to NVIDIA’s Optimus technologies which conserves power by automatically powering down a GPU when performing low-power tasks.

Along with the release of the new GPUs, NVIDIA introduced one more very exciting new function (optional for GeForce 600M) called 3DTV Play Software that can automatically convert much more than 650 2D game titles into immersive 3D experiences by enabling the customers to connect a 3D Vision-based notebook to a 3D-compatible Television.

According to Acer America Vice President Sumit Agnihotry:

With a GeForce GPU onboard, our thin and light Ultrabook does every little thing our customers want it to do, with no compromises.

Provided the positive aspects of the new chips Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, LG,  Toshiba, Sony, and Samsung  have currently created agreements with NVIDIA to ship GeForce-based Ultrabooks in the near future. So, be prepared for a whole new generation of devices that would make you forget about your iPad (tablet pc getting the primary rival of Ultrabook).

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