HTC A single X Hands-on Assessment


After months of speculation the HTC’;s latest flagship model is finally here. Here I must say HTC has somewhat managed to refresh its device lineup.  The device which was once known as the HTC Edge or the so called HTC Endeavor has been officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress as “;HTC One X”;. The all new One X runs Android 4.0 with a coveted version of HTC Sense 4 UI as an overlay.  With One X, HTC has signaled  the next wave of its smart-phones. This quad-core, Ice Cream Sandwich equipped smartphone is the flagship phone in HTC’;s new “;HTC One”; family of devices. The One X features three touch-sensitive buttons below the display, for back, Home, and pulling up recent apps, which makes it stand out from the traditional button-less smartphones of similar category.


  • X One has a thin body, measuring less than 9.5mm/0.37inches (0.35 inches)
  • A huge 4.7″ SuperLCD2
  • Fast mobile data support (4G)
  • Extremely high pixel density screen, over 300ppi(312 ppi)
  • High-resolution display (720 x 1280 pixels)
  • A Very fast processor (1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3)
  • A larger RAM (1024 MB RAM)
  • High-resolution cameras (8 MP rear and 1.3MP front)
  • HDMI connector for TV-out (via microUSB)
  • 1080p video recording and playback
  • 32 GB built-in Storage
  • 1,800 mAh battery
  • Beats Audio Powerhouse

Hands-on Video:


HTC x one

HTC X one


With the 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and a 1 GB RAM the smartphone delivers an “unparalleled Web surfing experience”. It will be available on AT&T. Over all, it seems as if HTC has somehow been successful in its efforts to make a technologically advenced smart phones but, the time will tell how the smartphone gets user feedback. It would be really exciting to see the HTC One X reach the US, and watch how the brand makes its market.

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