AMD Releases ATI Radeon 7900 Series GPU

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced its 7900 Series GPU in December. The first to arrive in the industry was the 7970 HD followed by the 7950 HD. Each cards are now the prime dogs in the market. Previously Nvidia was ruling the market place with its GTX 580 but now it seems as if background has repeated itself once again and ATI is going to claim a lot of sales and reputation in the GPU market place. The identical point happened back in 2010 when AMD gave DirectX 11 GPU architecture an early break and ruled the marketplace for practically a year. But now Nvidia has announced that they will soon get to the market this time, most most likely in Q2 2012 as reported by a Japanese Web site. Well we will see that later. But for now ATI is the king once more and let see what it has brought to us this time. Right here is a detailed spec table for both the 7900 series GPUs


AMD Radeon™ HD 7950

AMD Radeon™ HD 7970

Release Date

Jan 9, 2012

Dec 22, 2011

Core Clock

800 MHz

925 MHz

Memory Clock

1250 MHz

1375 MHz

Memory Size

3 GB

three GB


240 GB/s

264 GB/s

Bus Width

384 Bit

384 Bit

Memory Type



Shader Model









Die Size

365 mm2



28 nm

28 nm

DirectX help



Bus Interface

PCI-E 3.&#21516

PCI-E 3.&#21516




Price tag

550-600 USD

450-500 USD

 Following are some of the offered GPU-Z Screenshots of HD 7950 and HD 7970 for your consideration. Despite the fact that they are taken on an overclocked GPU but they’ll do the job.

AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 GPU-Z

amd 7970

AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 GPU-Z

amd 7950

The new AMD 7900 series is a lot cooler thanks to the 28nm die, consumes significantly less power and when we compare the 7950 HD to GTX 580 it beats it in most games in a significantly lesser cost. Whilst it is a massive blow for Nvidia, AMD nonetheless lacks in PhysX and Cuda.

amd 7900 series

With the release of 7900 Series as the leading range at AMD, announcements of numerous more Price range GPUs are underway according to a not too long ago leaked report. The report claims that the 7700 series which contains 7750 and 7770 will be released on March 15 and will fall around a 150 USD price tag range. Whereas in the month immediately after March the 7800 series will be revealed which includes the 7850 and 7870 GPUs which fall in 200-300 USD price tag range. Well these are just introductory prices, but we hope that Nvidia will try its greatest to reduce down the rates of AMD cards by constructing up some competition.

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