ten Highest Peaks in the World

This is undoubtedly a different topic that came to my thoughts. When I utilized to believe of the world’s highest mountains only two names came to my mind the one particular at the top position and the one just after that and of course each of them are discussed in the list. I couldn’t consider of any other name that could be regarded amongst the top ten highest mountains and curious that I am, I performed a small analysis. Here I am just before you, presenting you with the top ten mountains in the planet when it comes to height. I am confident the list will prove to be educative as it was the identical for me. How several of you are into mountaineering? Enjoy the read!


Annapurna - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

This mountain is part of the Himalayas in Nepal and it stands around 8,091 meters above the sea level. It is a Sanskrit name and it implies ‘full of food’. Nicely, that sounds tempting does not it? Normally even though, the name is translated into ‘Goddess of the Harvests’. Annapurna in Hinduism is the kitchen Goddess. There are several other peaks in this region and these are considered 1 of the most harmful to climb.


Nanga Parbat - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

This peak is situated in Pakistan and it stands eight,126 meters above sea level. It is one particular of the fourteen mountains to stand above 8,000 meters. If you translate the name into English, it becomes the ‘Naked Mountain’. The words are derived from Sanskrit. This mountain is referred to as the ‘Killer Mountain’. During the initial half of the twentieth century, Nanga Parbat proved to be actually deadly. Following the initial half even though, the death rates decreased. The view it provides is pretty incredible due to the fact it rises really high compared to the surrounding peaks.


Manaslu - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

It is positioned in the Nepalese Himalayas in Mansiri Himal. The name of the mountain means ‘Mountain of the Spirit’ and it comes from Sanskrit. It is around 8,156 meters above the sea level and was initial climbed on the 9th May of 1956. The names of the folks who initial climbed it had been Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu. They were members of an expedition from Japan. Japanese consider this mountain to be their own, just like the British contemplate the Mount Everest to be their own.


Dhaulagiri - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

It stands around eight,167 meters high above the sea level. There are fourteen peaks in the world to cross the mark of eight,000 meters in the world, just so you know. The mountain is positioned in Nepal and the very first it was climbed for the first time on the 13th May of 1960. The expedition that successfully climbed it was from Switzerland and Austria. The name comes from Sanskrit. Dhaula signifies dazzling, white or beautiful and Giri means mountain. So the name really should mean one thing like ‘Dazzling Mountain’ and all. Doesn’t sound that attractive to me, what do you think?


Cho Oyu - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

It rises about eight,201 meters above sea level and situated in the Himalayas about 20 kilometers west of Mount Everest. It is also at the border among China and Nepal. The name of the mountain means ‘Turquoise Goddess’. The initial try to climb this mountain was created in 1952 by an expedition from Excellent Britain. They planned on attempting for the Everest the following year so they regarded this one a warm up. The initial time ‘Cho Oyu’ was ever climbed was on the 19th October of 1954. It was an Austrian expedition.


Makalu - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

This mountain stands around 8,481 meters above sea level and is situated about 19 kilometers to the southeast of Mount Everest. It is on the border among Nepal and China. Select the country you like and you can associate the mountain with the specific country. It is pretty a lot an isolated peak and it is stands like a pyramid it has four faces. The American group in 1954 made the very first try to climb this mountain and it was led by William Siri. The expedition was named ‘California Himalayan Expedition to Makalu’.

four. LHOTSE

Lhotse - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

This mountain is linked to the Mount Everest via South Col. It is about eight,516 meters above sea level. The mountain is situated at the border among China and Nepal. The earliest recorded attempt to climb this particular mountain occurred in 1955. The expedition was headed by Norman Dyhrenfurth. The expedition integrated two Austrians and two Swiss individuals and three Americans. It was also the initial expedition in the certain region to incorporate Americans.


Kanchenjunga - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

This mountain stands at a whopping eight,586 meters. It is present in the Himalayas along the border of India and Nepal. This specific are surrounding the Himalayas is called Kangchenjunga and it indicates ‘The Five Treasures of Snow’. That is since the location has five peaks, four of which are 8,450 meters high. Until the year 1852, this distinct mountain was regarded to be the highest mountain in the world but that soon changed. Read on to find out which mountains beat this a single.

two. K2

K2 - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

K2 is also recognized as the Savage Mountain and Mountain Godwin-Austen. This is the second name I knew when somebody mentioned the highest peaks in the planet. It is around 8,611 meters high. It is a portion of the Karakoram Range. This mountain is positioned in Pakistan. If you attempt and reach the mountain from the Chinese side Pakistani side of it is safer. This particular mountain has the second highest fatality rate which is why it is referred to as the ‘Savage Mountain’. For every single 4 individuals who attempted to get to the summit, 1 has died.


Mount Everest - Ten Highest Peaks in the World

I am positive you are all familiar with the highest peak in the whole globe. It stands at eight,848 meters above sea level. The Mount Everest is located at the Mahalangur section of Himalayas. At the summit point runs the border of China and Nepal so you can say it exists in China and Nepal. More than the years many knowledgeable mountaineers have tried to climb it and whilst this mountain has claimed many lives, there were few who reached the prime and are identified worldwide for the feat. It is actually a spectacle you should try and take a helicopter ride over it. It’s remarkable.

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