Scan in Your Negatives to Your iPhone

I don’t know about you but I know that my mum has a entire cupboard full of old pictures and negatives from the age ahead of digital cameras. She always wants to make them digital but the price of carrying out so at the photo shop (and the effort of taking it down there) is sufficient to dissuade her, and the negatives stay there, gathering dust in that old cupboard.

Nicely with the IPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner, not only can you make them digital, but you don’t even need to mess around with antiquated CDs or even USB flash drives. Accepting 35mm negatives, slides, and even three&#8243×5&#8243 and four&#8243×6&#8243 photographs, the device will scan your ancient media and send it straight into your iPhone. The app involved even has direct editing and Facebook sharing facilities.

Pretty funky way to scan in old pictures, but I query no matter whether it was wise to concentrate this just on the iPhone? Could have made sense to generalize it a small far more to other smartphones too right? Either way even though, awesome device, and the cost is pretty affordable, compared to the prices at photo shops!

[$ 48 at | £39.99 from Firebox | Via GeekAlerts]

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