Need to carry out measures just before You Sell your BlackBerry Mobile.

So you have ultimately decided to jump ship and sell your BlackBerry smartphone for a various brand. If you have no concept how to do that, here’s the excellent guide for you.

Selling a smartphone is not actually that difficult. All you require is a bit of luck and the potential to time issues right. For example, iPads had been promoting like crazy when the new iPad hit the market place. So the exact same can be stated when the iPhone 4S was released.

With a BlackBerry device although, promoting can be carried out all through the entire year. There’s usually somebody out there seeking to give BlackBerry smartphones a try.


1. Remove Your SIM card

It’s pretty self – explanatory to remove your SIM card anytime you’re going to component approaches with your telephone. It consists of all of your contacts and their personal info.

If you forget to eliminate your SIM card when you send your BlackBerry away, then they can use that to their advantage. You will be shocked with bills with really high rates.

Don’t let that occur.

2. Take away Your Micro SD Card

Along with removing the SIM card, you really should also eliminate the micro SD card. Generally, it consists of all the stuff that your SIM card  does not retailer. From apps to photos, the micro SD card has it all.

You may well want to eliminate that when you sell your BlackBerry. It’s truly beneficial since if you acquire one more smartphone that uses a micro SD card slot, all of your pictures will be saved.

If you are going to upgrade to a smartphone that doesn’t use an SD card although, you can just reformat the 1 found in your BlackBerry. If you come about to have a 32 GB micro SD card, you can ask for a higher price tag!

3. Wiping the Information

Even if you handle to wipe the information of your micro SD card, there’s still going to be some information left on the telephone.

To wipe your information totally, just go to the Options > Security Choices and choose Wipe. This is the process generally followed on all versions of the BlackBerry OS. It’ll take a few minutes to wipe all of your data if you have a lot installed.

This is 1 of the most important methods to take when preparing to sell your BlackBerry. If you forget to do this, who knows what men and women can do with the data inside?

four. Unlock Your Phone

To increase the value of your telephone, you can opt to unlock it. In undertaking so, you are providing people of other carriers the chance to use your telephone on their network.

What was once a carrier – exclusive only phone is now available in the hands of other individuals. This tends to make your telephone extremely desirable and of course, sellable.


Selling your BlackBerry will go off without a hitch when you follow these actions. You can swiftly gather sufficient possible buyers in a couple of weeks.

Remember to pick the finest buyer that gives the greatest value. And also, take into account the shipping expenses.

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