In an age where phones play such a vital role in our daily lives, having poor reception is much too common. That’s the main reason why everyone should learn about a phone booster. It’s an incredibly handy device that can easily boost a phone’s signal in a location that normally has bad reception. It’s very easy to use, though there are a few things you should know about it first.

What is it and how does it work?

In short, a signal booster captures a phone signal from the outside, then amplifies it, only to broadcast it again at a location of your choosing. They can be used for any sized building, and would have no recurring costs. The full booster kit comes with several parts. First is the outside antenna that captures the signal, then the amplifier which boosts the signal, and finally the inside antenna that relays the signal to your building. All of these are connected with cables. 

Reasons why your connection is bad in the first place

There usually isn’t one single reason why you have bad reception. More often than not it’s a combination of factors that ultimately results in a bad signal.

Cell Tower Distance

This is the most common reason why phone signals are bad. Cell towers are installations from which the carrier broadcasts a signal. They’re usually placed in a higher location so that they’d be able to cover more ground as they broadcast. The closer you are to the tower, the better your signal will be. The opposite is also true, because if you’re too far away from a tower, then you won’t have a signal at all. Signal boosters work with any type of cell tower and from any carrier.

Natural Obstacles

Usually, there are natural obstacles in the way that the signal just can’t penetrate. These obstacles can be in the form of a hill, a mountain, or even a building. If you don’t have a clear line of sight to a nearby cell tower, then odds are you won’t have a signal. Sometimes the signal might bounce off another hill, building, or object, in which case, the signal will be present but weaker.

Construction Materials

Materials play a huge role in why the signal is so weak. That’s one of the main reasons why some buildings have good reception and others do not. Depending on which materials have been used in construction, the building might prevent signal penetration. Materials like brick, block, sheet metal, wire mesh, and concrete are some of the most-known blockers of signals. However, even things like window coatings, tiles, metal roofs, and even water fixtures can prevent a signal from reaching your location. If you’ve noticed that the signal immediately improves once you leave a building or a vehicle, then the materials are definitely the cause of poor reception.

Having a good phone signal is a must, and that’s where signal boosters come into play. If you feel like your building has poor reception, then you definitely should consider using one.