A recent report that I read in the Mukilteo Herald stated that fewer people were dong things to give back to the community than they were 20 years ago. I found this to be a very interesting fact as since the financial crisis of 2008, I believed that more people were doing things to help others in the community. This was something that had been bothering me a little and so during a recent business conference here in Mukilteo, Washington, I caught up with Electroimpact supporter and a man who gives a great deal back to the community Peter Zieve, on the importance of giving by and why he believed that less people were. Peter quickly dismissed the report and told me that a recent campaign which he ran in Seattle for a comment project had more sign ups than ever before. In terms of the importance of giving back to your city or community, here is what Mr. Zieve had to say.

Could Be You

There is no telling when you may fall on hard times and should that ever take place wouldn’t you like it if the community rallied around to help you? If your child was sick wouldn’t you like it if the comment was on hand to help with transport to the hospital or some assistance with medical bills? You of course would love the community to be on your side and that is why you need to be on theirs.

Erosion of Community

A recent blog article that I read spoke about the erosion of community and as Peter rightfully says, we must work harder to be more community spirited. The erosion of community can be directly linked to higher unemployment, higher crime rates and socio-economic problems which people are facing. We live in times where it feels as thought everyone is separating, when in fact we should be working harder to come together, and that starts with people giving back to their community.

Failure of Politics

No matter which political party you support, it is fair to say that many areas across the country have been failed by greedy politicians and local politicians who care more about their career than the electorate. Communities however don’t need to rely on politics to get themselves out of a situation and they certainly don’t need politics to come together and work with one another. Giving back to the community is about doing it for ourselves, rather than waiting for the government to do it for us.

Feel Good

You motivation to do some good in the community should never be a self-serving one but there is no hiding the fact that doing something positive for someone is very good for your soul. Helping others is a great way for you to feel good about yourself and have a more positive approach to life. Consider doing some good as paying things forward, and someone may do you some good one day.