Prime ten Most Stupid Tweets

Today I blame Charles Darwin for the standard evolutionary flaw in humans, he must be punished for not correcting it for us or at least providing us with enough reasoning so that we would have been a tad wiser, but NO this is far from his flamboyant theories and far from his confusing biological algorithms we as a mortal race are flawed and stupid. The following list shows examples of humans that have proved this outstanding error and usually they turn out to be wealthy individuals.

10. Gilbert Gottfried

This dude from Brooklyn commented on the Japanese Earthquake via his tweeter account, it stated “I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, ‘They’ll be yet another one floating by any minute now.’” This and handful of other tweets had a excellent impact all around and the organization Gilbert worked for, the Aflac (an market delivering supplemental insurance in the US) felt this “totally not good” and fired him. I mean it’s stupid to say such a factor Japanese people were amidst a disaster not going through a carnival or some thing pleasing. Personally, I should have beheaded the stupid son of bitch!

9. 50 Cent

The WTF of all stupidities and unmentionable shrewdness begins all over again right here. The well-known 50 Cent who changed or really should I say fought for rap and added a entire new meaning to it. We keep in mind him as a music genius, but is he a genuine genius? Does he possess some thing named “a brain”? Effectively you can guess by what he tweeted, it stated “Wave will hit 8am them crazy white boys gonna attempt to go surfing.” An instance of utter racial discrimination and the rapper ought to be “surprise slapped” on both cheeks while on his way to the West Coast.

eight. Charlie Sheen

We know him as a fantastic actor, a profitable comedian and a great man on Television, but is he the same in true life? Properly to begin with he has a chaotic life and a history of arrests that make him a restless celebrity. The day ahead of he was being fired from the long operating successful Tv serial “Two and a half men” he tweeted and the tweet read “fastball. the trolls are foaming from their toothless holes. rumor mill abundant with evil gossip. mainstream heretics smirking” What does that even imply? I mean it suggests negativity and ambiguity, obviously Charlie Sheen was on some type of a drug or below emotional influence or a thing.

7. Kanye West

His amazing tweet goes as “An abortion can price a ballin’ n– up to 50G’s maybe a 100. Gold diggin’ bitches be obtaining pregnant on purpose” and right away it has an offensive and foolish impact. Kanye West has established that he is only awake and “human” when he sings. It must be clear by now that he hates pregnant females and ultimately will not favor to have youngsters and even if he does choose to get his wife pregnant, he will sell the child for 50G’s. Tit for Tat woman!

6. Spencer Pratt

Spencer is a tv personality famous for his role in the reality Television show “The Hills” on MTV. Due to his celebrity status he was referred to as on the Today show for some good quality time, which didn’t go nicely and turned into an argumentative battle. Later that evening Al Roker blabbed on twitter that Spencer and his ex-wife Heidi Montag was on the point of collapsing in their 15 minute long reputation. Well this was enough to get Spencer on his toes and attack the show’s anchor (Al Rocker) with his shocking tweet and I quote “Do you constantly appear like your about to die? How old are you 97? You ought to retire asap- No a single would even know?”

LOL Mr. Rocker – In your face!

5. Scott Baio

He is an actor, director and a stupid ass who genuinely understands how to get his butt wet in a dry haystack. Well so what if he is a wealthy dude with no sense of getting an ordinary human! Scott posted the following line on his twitter account and I quote “WOW He wakes up to this every morning”

This was aimed at the President of United States, Barak Obama since he is black. The post soon gained coverage and in the finish he received some severe death threats from the black community. You don’t call a black “a black” on twitter at least.

four. Paris Hilton

We all have noticed her naked, we all have fantasized about her in a shallow backyard pool, we all have seen her copulating for camera, but we didn’t know she was a stupid socialite as effectively. Nicely she posted the following line on her twitter account “No, no, I didn’t go to England I went to London.” Might be she was also videotaping the girls gone wild video in London, who understands she might sell her stupidity as effectively a single day.

three. Bow Wow

The American rapper who should be left alone while he “raps” because he is very good at this only, he has been pulled more than by the police numerous instances for drunk driving and possibly transporting cocaine. But he had to blow his horn on twitter when he posted “Face numb im whippin the lambo. Tispy as fuckk. Just left @livmiami. Im fucked up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y i drive the lambo. Chris may well have to drive after next spot.” These had been his precise words and what he meant by this was that he told the globe that he is an American black dog with a stupid leg for starters. Genuinely “WOW”!

two. Jessica Simpson

Her tweet goes as “Sometimes understanding the language in my head can be just as difficult as communicating with an individual foreign. alone time on flights get me every single time.” Pretty clear to us what she means by it, alone time! What is she up to on a 6 hour-extended flight from London to New York? Might be she is acquiring herself to speed with the in-flight spa or obtaining enjoyable with her personal masseuse, WHAT!

How does anybody so sexy speak so stupid, believe prior to tweeting yet again Jessica!

1. Mary J. Blige

“Why is that men and women usually attempt to comprehend estimate my intelligents?! They ought to never do that!”

Does names such as My Life, Share My Planet, Mary, No More Drama, Really like &amp Life, The Breakthrough and Developing Pains, sound familiar? No? Properly don’t worry you don’t need to have to know these names simply because Mary J is like a puppet created to rap or forced to sing and act. She has won several Grammy awards over the years but a straightforward stupid act or far more precisely an error can ruin your image and nothing sounds more foolish than posting one thing stupid on a social website, such as twitter. A total WTF moment, I imply “intelligents?!” What does she mean by it? Could it be her breasts, which she labels as her pair of “intelligents?” Simply because it genuinely fits the meaning!

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