Leading 10 Mythical Creatures

It’s mythology central right here at Smashinglists today. We shall talk about the Greek and Norse Gods later but this certain lists talks about ten of the most preferred mythical creatures to have been discussed more than the period of occasions. Even though compiling these particular lists, it hit me that there are a lot of pc games that take a lot of their material from mythology and that interested me even much more. I am confident you have heard about and noticed the following creatures and I surely do hope you appreciate the read!

ten. SIREN

Siren - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

These are creatures of Greek Mythology and they are harmful and very devious. They are regarded as femmes fatales and they are mentioned to lure in sailors by their beautiful voice and music. They are regarded as the daughters of the river God Achelous. Mermaids, Merman and Undine are regarded as related species. It is reported that there ever were only two to 5 sirens. You ought to also know that a girl that is the ultimate seductress is known as Siren. Of course they do not exist. I wonder where these myths arise from.


Minotaur - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

Minotaurs are creatures of Greek Mythology. They are regarded as to have a head of a bull and the physique of a man. They are described as element man part bull. The term Minotaur is derived from Ancient Greek. In Crete they had been known as Asterion. Minotuar was originally utilized to refer to this mythical creature but more than the time that has changed. Now, anything that resembles a bull is referred to as a bull. If you don’t forget the game ‘Age of Empires’, you will be familiar with most of these creatures. Minotaur is a item of Cretan Bull and Pasiphae.


Medusa - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

Medusa belongs to the Greek Mythology with Phorcys and Ceto has her parents. The Hesperides, Stheno, Euryale, The Graea, Thoosa, Scylla (discussed beneath) and Ladon are her sibloings. Pegasus and Chrysaor are her kids. She is a chthonic monster and it is mentioned that gazing upon her would turn you into stone. She was beheaded by Perseus who later used her head as a weapon. The scariest issue about her is that rather of hair on her head, she has a number of snakes. You can see the symbol of Medusa in many ancient drawings and paintings as properly.


Leviathan - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

This creature has been talked about in the Bible. It is a sea monster. If you are familiar with Demonology, you would know that the Leviathan is a single of the seven princes of Hell and the gatekeeper. This particular word is utilised for any huge sea monster. Sometimes, even great whales are referred to as Leviathans. In Modern day Hebrew, the word really means whale. ‘Can you pull in the leviathan with a fishhook or tie down his tongue with a rope?’ this is 1 of the mentions of the creatures in Hebrew Bible.


Kraken - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

These guys are mentioned to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. These are terribly large sea monsters. It is featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean (one particular of my favorites films). It is needless to say that these creatures do not really exist, but their legends are told to this day for some reason. They are referenced in a lot of cultures, literature, television programs and even books. They belong to the Norse Mythology. It is stated that they suck off your face and destroy ships. Of course, that too can be noticed in the POTC movie.


Cyclops - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

I am confident you feel of X-guys as soon as you read this name but the really mythological creature is nothing at all like the X-males version. Cyclops belongs to the Greek Mythology and later Roman. It is a member of the race of giants. They are said to have just a single eye in the center of their forehead. It is said that the name itself indicates ‘circle-eyed’ although that we are not certain of.

four. SCYLLA

Scylla belongs to the Greek Mythology. It is mentioned to be a monster that lived on one particular side of a certain water channel. On the other side would be Charybdis. This certain sea monster is said to have four massive eyes, with six necks with heads. These heads would have 3 rows of sharp teeth. She had twelve legs and a cat’s tail. If that’s not enough to freak you out get this she had about 4 to six dog heads at her waist. In most areas she is mentioned as a single of the kids of Phorcys and Ceto while there are documents that cite her parents as Triton and Lamia. You can select to believe whichever, right after all, it is mythology.

three. CHIMERA

Chimera - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

This creature belongs to the Greek Mythology. It is a female creature and it is composed of parts from 3 various animals. These animals consist of a lion, a serpent and a goat. She breathes fire by the way. It has been depicted as a lion most frequently, with the head of the goat protruding from its back and a tail with the serpent’s head on the finish. This distinct female was one particular of the kids of Typhon and Echidna. She is a sibling to Cerberus (discussed beneath) and Lernaean Hydra (also discussed beneath). In modern day times, any creature with physique parts from various animals is referred to as a Chimera.


Hydra - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

Initially it is identified as the Lernaean Hydra. It belongs to the Greek Mythology. It is stated to be a water beast with a lot of long necks ending with a head of course. It has poisonous breath and even her tracks are deadly. The Hydra is stated to be a single of the kids of Typhon and Echidna. I don’t recognize precisely how that in fact created sense to the Greeks but one issue is for certain, mythology really is one thing definitely awesome and by far one particular my favorite subjects.


Cerberus - Top Ten Mythical Creatures

This creature belongs to the Greek and Roman Mythology. It is generally a three-headed dog. Yeah I know it sounds familiar. It was featured in Harry Potter. It is funny I thought of that film. It guards the gates of the underworld, or hell if you may possibly. If I were to take a guess, this guy is possibly Hades’s pet. The dog has been talked about in several ancient books and functions of literature. Three heads are the most distinct feature of this specific creature however in numerous sources the quantity of heads vary. They even reach up to a 50, despite the fact that I don’t know how that would ever be possible.

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