Nokia Asha 311 vs Asha 306 – A Comparison

Nokia has lately announced three newest Asha touchscreen phones into the international marketplace targeting entry-level mobile users. These trio Asha phones run on S40 OS providing accurate smartphone expertise to the mobile user, who can’t afford high-finish mobile phones. These are impressive devices from Nokia, providing net, web apps, entertainment and correct touchscreen encounter at an cost-effective price tag. Of them, Asha 311 and Asha 306 looks remarkably equivalent in characteristics and functionality.

Here, is a short comparison among these two awesome mobile phones, Asha 311 and Asha 306 that are going to be launched extremely soon in all global retailers.

Nokia asha

1. Look:

Both handsets look equivalent from a lot of angles but have slight differences. Nokia Asha 311 is slimmer and weighs about 95 grams. On the other hand, Asha 306 weighs about 98 grams, slightly heavy compared to 311. The dimensions of both these devices are provided below:

Asha 311: 12.9 x 106. x 52. mm.

Asha 306: 12.8 x 110.3 x 53.8 mm.

Winner: Each these handsets look related, but 311 has a little edge over 306.

2. Display And Attributes:

Nokia’s latest Asha 311 has a three.-inch capacitive touchscreen, supports 240 x 400 pixels display and makes use of newest LCD transmission technology. Modern day technology features supported by Asha 311 are orientation sensor, tactile feedback, proximity sensor, Gorilla glass, light time-out and ambient light detector.

Exactly where as Asha 306 comes with 3.&#8243 resistive touchscreen that displays 56K colors at 240 x 400 pixels resolution. This Nokia handset also comes with the exact same devoted hardware buttons as noticed in Nokia 311. Asha 306 only supports limited characteristics like tactile feedback, orientation sensor and light time-out.

Winner: Asha 311 has an upper hand over 306 that has restricted attributes and functionality.

three. Hardware:

Nokia 311 runs on S40 Asha platform and is supported by 1GHz potent processor, 3G and Wi-Fi. Nokia 306 also runs on very same S40 platform featuring Wi-Fi and Nokia Browser. This mobile does not have a 3G help. Each these devices assistance 3.5 mm AV jack, Bluetooth 2.1 version and also have devoted hardware keys for volume up &amp down, contact and end operations. Apart from basic two. mm charger, you can use the Micro USB connector for charging these handsets.

Winner: Obviously Asha 311 is a winner in this category.

3. Camera:

Nokia Asha 311 comes with a fixed concentrate 3.2 megapixel camera that supports 4x digital zoom functionality for quality snaps. On the other hand, Asha 306 comes with only 2MP camera but supports 4x digital zoom. Each these devices share related camera attributes like self timer, landscape orientation, automobile/manual white balance, nonetheless image editor and full screen viewfinder.

Asha 311 resolution: 2048 x 1536 pixels (Images)

480 x 640 pixels (Video)

Asha 306 resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels (Images)

176 x 144 (Video)

Winner: Boasting 3.2MP, Asha 311 is a clear winner in this category.

four. Memory:

Both these Nokia Asha handsets support a maximum of 32 GB external memory through microSD card slot. Their internal memory usages are provided beneath:

Asha 311: 140 MB, 128 MB RAM and 256 MB of ROM.

Asha 306: ten MB, 32 MB RAM and 64 MB of ROM.

Winner: Compared to Asha 306, Asha 311 internal memory usage is really great.

5. Battery &amp cost:

Both Ash 311 and 306 device comes with a decent 1110 mAh BL-4U Li-Ion battery. Nevertheless, there are slight variations in their performances. Have a appear at battery usage time of both these handsets below:

Asha 311 battery: Powers 40h of music playback and 6h of speak time on 3G and 14h speak time on 2G.

Asha 306 battery: Gives 40h of music playback and 14h of talk time.

Nokia Asha 311 will be yours for EUR 92, exactly where as Asha 306 is priced at EUR 68.

Winner: Asha 306 is a clear winner in this category and we count on a effective battery on Asha 311 for enjoying its 3G function.

Final Words:

From the above short comparison, Asha 311 is a far better device delivering 3G and added functions compared to Asha 306. For these handset customers, who are not quite much interested in high good quality camera and 3G characteristics can merely skip 311 and go for Asha 306 that comes with an cost-effective low-value tag.

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