Friday Private Assistant

Friday is an app that desires to automatically track your activity in order to provide a background of your communications, extra analysis, and even a search engine for your personal life.

With Friday, which now has about 55,000 sign-ups pre-launch, what you’re seeing is sort of like the flip side to Siri. Exactly where you might ask your virtual assistant about things that will take place in the future (what’s my day look like? Can I get sushi nearby?), you ask Friday about items that have currently happened.

The interesting issue here is not just that it has access to the background of your communications (telephone calls, text messages, emails, and so forth.), but that it also has access to other events, like photos that had been taken, adjustments in the phone’s status (battery drops, e.g.) as effectively as activity taking location on third-party services (Facebook or Foursquare checkins, tweets, e.g.).

Friday: A Private Assistant That Remembers What You’ve Done [TechCrunch]

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